Sunday, November 30, 2008

pictures anyone? apologies for not blogging for so long. Slacker face to the max. But I am just putting some pics on here and just write randomness because I am T to the ired...tired. It will prolly not be super informative or super amazing but whatere.

The goodness...

1.) So...I got a FISH! Not just any fish, but the best fish ever. Meggie was a gem and took me to get my fish and helped me get it settled. His name is Ludacris! He is a stud. He is a good lookin' fella. And thanks to Meggie he has some orange and white pebbles. Good news fish did not get my genes and does not have a lazy eye...yet. He is a good little swimmer and can do it on little food...take that Michael Phelps.

2.) So the other day my parents and I got out of the car and I saw this squirrel running across the road. And it was literally the fattest squirrel I had ever seen...I was not sure it was gonna make it up the tree...well, we walked to the house and it was so fat because it started eating our seen below. I am like a 5 year old...I thought it was the coolest thing ever and was like..."Get the camera...get the camera." I mean's not that exciting, but thank goodness for blogs so now you can experience the wonderfulness as well.

3.) Here is the cookie my sister, Catherine, put a turkey on. That is pimp, huh? Can we get a round of applause for her? Yes...yes we can...

4.)Ok...the following two pictures just crack me up. That's all. It's Mama J and Lake. They are to much to should see those two do 8 minute abs with me...I think the work out comes from all of us laughing so dang hard. Don't be jealous of our amazing abs can happen for you as well.

5.) I make fun of Utah hair. I will be the first person to admit it. It hurts my eyes sometimes. But I will say that I did not realize how hard it is to do Utah hair. Much harder than I we see below. This is when Catherine and I were trying to give Melissa Utah hair. Man, it's tough and therefore definitely not worth it. Please don't dislike me with a passion for hatin' on Utah hair though...I am not fashionable by any means so it is not state law that you listen to me. Melissa looks hot no matter what though.
6.) The coolest picture ever (to me). You see my pops and I both have lazy eyes...but they are different this picture proves that we can look at each other and the camera at the same time. If that's not magic I don't know what is. It makes me happy! And my pops is just cool in general.

7.) The picture below is a duck that my co-worker threw at me one day from her office. It lights up. And it now sits on my computer. Number one...I don't know why I took a picture of it. B...I am sorry the picture is blurry and 4...I don't know why it is on my blog.
8.) For those of you who know the classic story..."Mudballs with rocks in 'em" the following picture is for YOU! It is my niece and me standing in a bunch of mudballs...with rocks in 'em. Abby is a cute kid as well. Please take special note of that. "Now that's freedom."
9.) Just bringin' sexy back...that's all. Jordan and I took before pics as we are about to lose some serious weight...I would like to thank the following...melissa...for her coat so I could stuff it under my sweatshirt so no matter what it'll look like I lost weight and I would like to thank meggie for being our registered dietitian...what would we do without her support and that intense look she is giving in the picture...It totally makes me want to lose weight. Talk about run on sentence.
10.) Every year we make gingerbread houses. I am not really the decorative type so mine are always a little questionable to say the least...the very least. Well...mine is the first one on the left in the picture. I have been watching the series "Heroes" lately...season 1 on DVD. Anyway...good show and apparently I think anyone can survive anything hence the reason I have gummy bears on a sled...sledding off the roof. They will be okay no doubt. Random anyone? All I know is that because of this gingerbread making I ate my weight in peanut butter m&m's...literally.
11.) Well this week was stellar because my youngest "daughter" from the mission came home. Sister Hause or "Hauserpie" as I called her is definitely just one of my most favoritest people ever. (I know that is bad grammar, but it hasn't stopped me thus far). Anyway...she is amazing for a number of reasons...for example...she is hilarious, she can put up with me, she had some stellar quotes, she rocked the missionary work and always had the Spirit, she is always striving to become better and she does it, she can look and talk like Drew Barrymore, etc etc etc. The following pics are numero uno...when we salvaged a exercise bike (long story but so hilarious). numero dos...just the two of us on her bday. and tres...."Ojala, mi caballo" Hauserpie has some mad spanish skills...kinda. Good times. Anyway, I am stoked she is home now.

Well I am sorry this blog has been a little lame-o but I added pictures which is new and exciting. I will try to work on my mad blogging skills. Have a stellar day.

-Miss Starr

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bring on the bacon.

Highlights as of late...

1.) I would like to thank Sheena for her kindness in putting some decoration on my blog. The turkeys are in honor of the turkey dance she does...a once in a life time kinda show.
2.) My friend Natalie is having a baby in 3 weeks. I am STOKED outta my mind. I have known her since I was 3 and she has just been my friend forever so I am just excited to see her as a mama. And I am excited she went old school so we don't know what the sex of the baby is.
3.) I saw a sign today that said that Chicken cordon bleu will not be leaving Arby's any time soon. Just in case you were worried about that...I know that I can now sleep peacefully at night. (That is a lie...I could rest easily never having read that).
4.) I think most of us do one or two uncool things everyday....or maybe I am just saying that to make myself feel is mine for today. I drove the sister missionaries to Omaha and my friend Liz rode along. Well, Liz and the sister missionary started singing songs....well the song started off quieter and I reached for the volume button on the radio to turn them up...then I realized that it wasn't going to work seeing how they were live human beings in the I quickly grabbed some sunflower seeds pretending like that is what I was going for. It makes me uncool...but it's kinda funny.
5.) I got gasoline for a buck 79. just take that and smoke it in your piece pipe.
6.) I would like to give a shout out to my sister, Catherine. She's pretty much amazing. I was going to take one of the famous Starr Pizza Pan cookies to work and my co-worker was like, I want a turkey on the giant cookie. So Catherine made this freakin stellar turkey outta frosting on the top of the cookie. It was sweet.....people loved it. They thought she was professional...oh, cuz she is! Dang straight that's my sister.
7.) This lady is at work is highly confused. She thinks my nickname should be Mother Theresa...she obviously does not know me well enough...but I'll just keep her fooled for now.
8.) I got my hair did. Thank you Terri. It looks amazing. I wish I could have Terri make my hair look sharp every day. Melissa's homie told me that it matches better with my glasses...crack me the heck up.
9.) I would like to point out that I don't think that the bitter Nebraska wind got the whole global warming memo.
10.) The other day I accidentally deleted all the birthdays from my calendar in my cell phone. All I could think was the quote from Hook, "bad form jack" So if I forget your bad. Gotta hate when electronics are smarter than me.
11.) Have you heard about the pirates lately? (that sounds like the beginning of a bad joke). Anyway, I was sitting in the break room and CNN was talking about the pirates and this lady was saying how she can't believe there are pirates. Well I can because I think it would be awesome to become a pirate. Hands down that would be the raddest thing ever. I told them I wanted to be a pirate but that I guess I would have to leave Nebraska for that to work out properly....otherwise I'd just be kickin it on the man made lakes.
12.) Well my life is freaking awesome as of late. I just work and play. Who needs more than that?
13.) I happened to see the movie midnight...don't ask me it sisterly love/duty. I have not read the books nor will I. I am glad I sat by shannon who had not read the book so we laughed together at the parts nobody else was laughing at and I was also sitting next to Meg...who had read the books so she could keep us up to date on the story line. "Hold on my spider monkey." Apparently that is a good line....who knew.
14.) just here is my take home message for's a quote..." A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. Jolted by every pebble in the road." I think we just gotta have happiness and top ten days!

....negative zero for forthcoming blogging adventures...i am getting a fish ASAP! I am excited times forty five.

one love,


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

just me.

The thoughts of my life....

1.) People always say that you shouldn't have regrets...well, I regret going to the chinese buffet for lunch today. I am pretty sure something is alive in my stomach now. It is trying to speak to me...I have not interpreted it quite yet.
2.) I don't like it when Anneli leaves town. I think it should be against the law. I missed her dance she does when I yell "A-Money" at her at institute. It's quite the little jig.
3.) I wish my job title could be what Akon calls a "homieloverfriend." Do you have to go to college for that?
4.) The institute parking lot is always full of's like the safe haven law for cars. People just drop them off and nobody quite knows what to do...Tonight we had a car in the way and it just furthered my desire to learn the talent of picking up cars and moving them.
5.) Today at work was lovely...I re-duck taped the handle bars to my skooter. That is a success.
6.) Apparently I have to enroll in a 12 step program for Meggie....who knew I had such an addiction....good thing she told me. Talk about someone giving you a subtle hint that she needs some mad space from you.
7.) My sister's foster kid learned how to say "T-sa" which is my name. I am stoked outta my mind about that. He rocks my world.
8.) Visiting teaching parties at coffee houses seem to be a wonderful idea. Why don't they ever mention that at church? I mean...what...I've just heard through the grape vine.
9.) I heard a song on the radio yesterday...not my favorite. The chorus says "A baby changes everything." Apparently F. Hill sings it and well it was a little much for me....come to find out later that it was Christmas song, but seriously....I disliked it so much that when I first heard it I couldn't even change the station....sorry if you like it.
10.) There is a church called the "Church of the Brethren." The pastor is a female....hmmm....
11.) I was teaching with the sister missionary the other day...teaching a Chinese guy and Heather came in...she is jewish...just got baptized. Well....the Chinese guy says to Heather..."I always was taught that Chinese and jewish people are the smartest in the world." Heather responds, "I was taught that too." Talk about a blow to the self-esteem. I always thought people from Nebraska were up there in the smarts....I guess not. Dang it.
12.) Women cry a lot I'd say. They have no problem having a good cry. It happens to me....I found a way I like though. The other day I woke up from a dream just that is a way to have a good cry...I have no idea what it was about but all those pent up emotions were let out. Perfect.

I think that is all I got tonite since I am pretty sure I am the only one who ever sees this thing....oh well. It works for me. Life is good. I am just loving it. I am just blessed to the max.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

oh the joys....

Well, it is a Saturday night and I am just living the life. I am babysitting...watching the food network and playing on a laptop. relaxing, this is what weekends are all about.

Top Ten list as of late...
1.)  We had the missionaries from my parents ward over the other day. One of them told me I would be a good talk show I am not sure whether that is a compliment or not!?! I mean...are we talking Oprah style or Jerry Springer style?  
2.) I think cranberry meatballs sound thank you food network. no thank you.
3.) Last week my co worker, Amber, and I matched 4 out of 5 days in our clothing style. The one day we didn't match definitely showed me I needed to broaden my clothing style. She had on a harley davidson shirt...I mean, I couldn't have pulled that outta any closest in my house.  I know, surprising that Mama J and Pops aren't running around in Harley clothes. PS...don't ask why we were matching. No one knows...we don't even know why.
4.) You can be having a good day at work...everything is going your way...UNTIL you start to get off on the wrong floor when the elevator door opens and is hard to recover from the embarrassment of that.  People never know quite what to say to that...everyone just looks down...the person tries to recover with the slight laugh and the " it Friday yet?" Poor souls that this happens to....not me of course. Never me. 
5.)  Jack-Kay pointed out something funny the other day...the fact that my sister, Melissa, still believes me even though usually I am being sarcastic or trying to get a rise out of her. For example, the other night I told her that my parents were getting a fake christmas tree this year...she had a moment of freaking out while at a restaurant in front of her homies. It was hilarious. Then I tried it on my other sister, Catherine, and it worked as well.  I know, it is cruel but oh so funny.  
6.) Have you ever heard of Restless leg syndrome? Well...when I first heard of this I thought it was make believe...I thought...who has that? I mean really...come on. Then I met somebody that did and kinda wanted to get their autograph because I was so excited that it was real.  Well...I heard of something that could top that.... Foreign accent syndrome.  It's when you suddenly wake up and speak with a foreign accent...hence the name.  I am thinking if I had to get a syndrome, that'd be my choice. And if I ever meet someone with this syndrome...I am totally getting the autograph this time.
6b.) One time I had a cold so I went to the doctor. My friend asked me about it and I told her that my doctor told me I had "restless nose syndrome." She believed me....again...cruel...and funny. I am a horrible person.
7.) I was at an enrichment dinner the other night and for some reason we started talking about what we would do if we lost our eyebrows....who talks about things like that? It was a good convo. (Whoopi doesn't have Sister Act 1 or 2). Anyway, we decided for me...I'd just tattoo my name as if you ever see "Theresa Starr" across my eyebrow will know what happened.  Glad I don't have to worry about that future decision anymore.
8.) I listen to music at work and sometimes I really wanna bust a move so I do...but mostly I jam out with my toes. I guess you could say I have toe jam...sounds nasty, but alls I am saying is...I probably could lose one pound this next year with all the dancing my toes do to the music at work....and at least this way people won't see me jamming out.
9.)  This post is FOREVER long. My bad.
10.)  I saw my friend Jota, Jota today...that pretty much rocked my knee highs off...yah...I had knee highs on. don't ask.
11.) My sister, Catherine, has a foster kid....a little tyke. He is a stud to the max. and last night I taught him how to do bones...or rocks...or whatever Megan calls it (sorry, I forget). Anyway, I feel like that is definitely a life long skill to have...I am glad I could impact society for the long haul.
12.) You know how I have a lazy eye? and you know how people say "in my minds eye"...well, sometimes I think I have a "Lazy minds eye." It's definitely a possibility.  Just saying is all.
13.) Well....on a more serious note. I went to Willie's baptism today.  It was awesome. He got up and said a few words and he was talking about Jesus and he said regarding that, "Boy, he delivers." I loved that small statement. It just rung true to me. Christ does deliver. He is here for us. He does give his everything for us. He is our Savior and Redeemer. I am just so grateful for that knowledge. It makes my day happy everyday. It gives me goodness for my life. Christ has truly delivered me lately. How has he delivered you? How has he given you ten things to be happy about? 

Well, I hope you have a good one. love the H.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Melissa really gets upset that my blog is a lie. That I don't blog everyday. So I am blogging tonight and I am so flippin tired so it probably won't make a lot of sense, but such is life....

1.) "Let's give 'em something...something to talk about....a little mystery to figure out"this song is in my head. Of all songs I was hoping it wouldn't be this one. I'd even rather have "this is a song that never goes on and on my friends." OH BA HA that song is stuck in your head.
2.) I have an update on a really cool friend of mine...Meggie. She's the one that catches food in her mouth. Well she thought she was ultra good at it yesterday because she tried catching a whole orange in her mouth. I have the video to prove it. She may or may not be missing a few front teeth and she did not catch it. Better luck next time...with a watermelon.
3.) My co worker, Amber, and I are in a war. Apparently, she thinks we need to be in a war because I stamped her arm today, hit her with papers, kicked the back of her chair and threw unwanted envelopes all over her while she was on the tele. She says she is going to de-pants me tomorrow....I said...bring it.
4.) Well tonight Jordan and I decided we are going to lose weight by the end of the year. On Saturday we are taking our before pictures. I am stoked to stuff myself with pillows so no matter what...I'll have lost some poundage. Cheating to the max.
5.) Tuesday was awesome. Can we get a high five for last Tuesday. I work for the gov' Veterans day we get off. I worked for part of the day....bless being a temp! Then I kicked it with my parental unit. My parents tried to get a grow lamp for a plant...I tried to get them to lights, snowman stuff, a guinea pig, a fish, a fake christmas tree, a bunch of randomness at wal mart, didn't go over so well. And I thought I was the favorite youngest child...apparently they have another one some where they aren't telling me about.
6.) Today at work I took an orange. I wanted to eat it at lunch. (Funny how that works). I didn't know how to get the peel started so I bit into ruined the rest of my lunch....everything tasted wrong. I just want to point this out to save you from future lunch problemos.
7.) On a better note, tonite I went with some friends (thanks Nicole) to a blizzard bash. Cookies...blizzards from DQ...taking a bite into that stuff does NOT ruin the forthcoming bites. And I also showed Nicole my mad color skills...I can take one color and put it into a different color's sleeve so it fakes people out about the true color. That does not make sense on the blog...the point is....I learned that in 3rd grade and have carried it forward into the real world...thank you Zeman Elementary School for making me prosper.
8.) I have decided I may be a little out there...I thought it definitely showed from the big ole green sweater I wore tonite but then esp. when I got into trouble from Bishop for saying something I didn't even say....I need to tone this down a bit. Tonage is happening....
9.) What would be so wrong about combining facebook and myspace and having facespace or mybook? I would totally love an internet site called "Facespace."
10.) I tried to pick a lock inside the institute building tonight with my temple recommend card that even legal?
11.) I have thought about some things I would not do for a klondike bar...I would not eat green eggs and ham. I would not work 24 hours straight. I would not give my big toe. I would not sell seashells by the seashore or say that ten times fast. But I would go skydiving for it. I would lay in bed and sleep for it. I would give most people a high five for it....This is the type of question I feel most people should ponder....they always say that we should be prepared for these questions like if people ask us to smoke...we should choose before hand to say this is a question you must get prepared for.
12.) I want a dart board of the United easy would that be to find out where to move to or go on vacation to? sweet!!!!!

Ok, I am so done.

Monday, November 10, 2008

long ole madness

Well Hello! Melissa told me that I shouldn't call this my daily top ten because I don't actually write daily...but to bad so is what it is and it isn't what it's not.

So here is some goodness from the last few days...
0.) I saw Miss Lewis eat chili while keeping gum in her mouth at the same time and not intermixing them. Craziness huh? I was definitely impressed and showed her that by making fun of her. I am so uber mature. Miss Lewis is good to have around for entertaining things...Bless her.
1.) Friday it was COLDY! And I was running late. So I got this brilliant idea to ride my skooter, Micro, from where I park to the building I work in. It was FREEZING with the wind blowing against me, but so much fun. And it was GREAT to have the skooter at work because my supervisor rode around on it and then my other co-worker was riding around on it. It was just a crazy Friday.
2.) I love my dad. I got to work on Friday and he left a little sack on my chair that had a donut in it. How cute is that.
3.) So...I have been listening to Home Alone 1 and 2. Love love love them. I also love quoting them. The main quote I love from Home Alone is..."AC said 10 %...well Ac ain't in charge no more." or something like that. Pretty much if you need something to say to someone and want the conversation to be over...just say that. No one ever knows how to respond to that.
4.) Our State is safe-havened out. Just a side note.
5.) My co worker and I went to the chili feed at the Institute building. It was real good and it started on time...a LDS activity that started on time...or maybe we were just late. Anyway, I was impressed.
6.) Friday night was awesome. I played Rock Band....I played the bass guitar. I was horrible at it and it made me laugh so hard. Pretty much I blame the suckage on the lazy eye, but really I am not musically inclined, but practice makes perfect so probably I should buy Rock Band.
7.) I saw the Secret lives of Bees or something like that. Can I just get a shout out for Queen Latifah. Pretty much I want her to play me in my life movie. If they give her a lazy eye we almost look like each other.
8.) Saturday was sweetsky. I slept in. And I went to the Temple. and I got gasoline for a buck 95. and I got a twist cone from Mcdonalds. And I played games at Shannons. And I ate a subway sandwich. and I could keep going....raise your hand if you are jealous of my awesome day?! I bet your hand is up.
9.) Saturday was also amazing because Kim helped me feel like a whole new woman. Mainly she taught me a sweet skill. She taught me how to put sunflower seeds in the side of my mouth and keep them there and still eat one at the same time. Now, that is just freaking amazing. Go Kim and go me for being a quick learner. Plus Kim and I kicked trash at Catch Phrase...and I played with sunflower seeds in the mouth. BOO YAH BIG MOMMA!
10.) Sunday was kinda a crazy day. I saw a baby spit up through their pacifier...that is mad skills.
11.) Sunday someone also hit my car....bad news bears, but I would like to thank Jack-Kay for making me feel better...she fed me 2 meals and let me map out people's homes (that makes me sound like a stalker) via her computer.
12.) I watched Troop Beverly Hills....ok if you have seen that movie you are so excited right now. I think more highschools should do that for their annual plays instead of Romeo and Juliet.
13.) I started a group on facebook...need i say more about unawesomness?
14.) Today was good as well. Just worked it hardcore. Went out with the missionaries. Growing up I sometimes wanted to be a missionary...then i went on a mission and was a missionary. now i am home and want to be a missionary just all the time. :)
15.) FHE was good. just so you know. I was trying to lift up cars and move them with Jordan...oh it'll happen one day.
16.) this is to long so I am stopping even though many other wonderful things happen.

FYI my favorite number is negative zero. I think it is amazing.

Lovely loveness to you....Theresa

Thursday, November 6, 2008


My top ten thoughts from today...not ultra exciting...but whatere.

1.) I just said "I often wonder why I am so good looking" and my mom comments, "well you take after your mother of course."
2.) Tonight my niece was yelling, "I am the princess. I AM THE PRINCESS!" Is that how most little girls feel? I never wanted to be a princess. I always wanted to be a cowgirl or a pirate. Do you suppose that has a lot of meaning?
3.) Today I took my supervisor (the one that kept her finger) a big foam hand...the kind you take to games that have the pointer finger in the number one. It was pretty hilarious. She kept her pointer finger so it was perfect. She hung it in her office.
4.) Some of my co workers went to the pancake festival today that was being held across the street. I didn't know you could have a festival for just pancakes. Isn't that exciting?
5.) I pulled a Brittani Matson tonight. I went to blockbuster to rent a movie and instead walked out with a bunch of movies that I bought....I learned it from her. When I go broke...I am going to blame her as well.
6.) I have talents....I licked envelopes at work today for like 2 hours and I did not get a paper cut on my tongue...if that's not a talent, I don't know what is.
7.) Tonight my friend, Meg, and I went and got hot chocolate. We are trying to find the best place in town. Tonight we tried Starbucks. It was expensive....but good. I still think dirty gas stations is the best place to find hot chocolate. Don't worry....I will keep you updated on this exciting will you ever sleep until you know? :)
8.) So at work today my co-worker told us a hilarious story. I love her stories. My goal is always to hear stories from her. She was a wild child. Today had something to do with being chased by police...jumping curbs...trying to bite the police...etc. Talk about pure entertainment. She basically rocks.
9.) Remember how excited I was about the pomegranate in a previous post? Well I got in a war with it and it won. I accidentally dropped it when I was trying to open it and red stains got everywhere. Dang it. It sure told me. And then I told it...and ate the rest of it.
10.) I heard a quote that said..."Just because there is a cloud doesn't mean it's going to rain." I like that quote. Just because things don't look so good doesn't mean life sucks. I would say that we have a lot more positives than negatives. My mom always says..."Two negatives don't make a positive." I disagree...for it was cold (so we had to get hot chocolate)....negative/positive. So we went to Starbucks...which is expensive...negative. But while I was there we saw the worker almost fall as she slid around on the floor (negative for her...) but it cracked us the heck up....positive for us. I don't think this is making sense....negative for you....but it's number ten....positive for you. The point happy.

-Ms. Starr

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today is Wednesday...all day long I thought it was Tuesday. So now you know...and I know. Here is the top tener of todayer.

1.) Today is my Pop's bday. Happiness goes out to him. I was a little worried about his gifts...cookbooks...a cooking spoon to be used for getting leaves out of the cooking pans that might be used for sledding...etc. BUT then Mama J gave him the COOLEST gift EVER! She got him a hot air balloon ride. Now, is that not straight up sweet? Totally jealous.
2.) Well...I've come to find out how I came to be me....I blame it all on Sister Act 1 and 2...mostly 2. I listened to them today and all the material I use (aka all the slang I say) comes from those movies. All I can say to that is WHOOPI!
3.) Today I was talking to my co-worker...she had an apple and orange on her desk. I had a stapler in my hand...the next thing I know the orange had a staple in it. My bad. I do not think the crime was driven by emotion.
4.) My supervisor is a stud. I rather enjoy this lady. A few months ago her finger got severed by a door...well today we found out the good news...her finger reconnection took...she will not lose her finger. I want to have a "finger saving" party. She now has to go to finger physical therapy...she says she already knows how to use her middle finger...oh man. She is hilarious.
5.) Well the last 2 days the office has been HOTTTTTTT!!!! Just unreasonably hot. This has created a mass amount of strippage. I do not feel great about this. Everyone just put the clothes back on and wear more deodorant.
6.) My co worker, Amber, is living in a soap opera right now...including a lover using a baseball bat that leads to a jail sentence and all...CRAZINESS!!! To say the least she is struggling so we went and got ice cream today. Doesn't that just fix everything? Esp when the office is so freakin' hot. (Don't worry...she knows she's on the blog and she doesn't mind).
7.) We went to the Olive Garden tonight for dinner. It was really fun. We had 3 kiddos there. Abby and the 2 foster kids. It only took 6 adults to take them on. Take that and smoke it in your peace pipe.
8.) I went to institute tonight...late. dang it. It was good esp. thanks to Sadie running around saying "caca." I think one year olds are coolio.
9.) I saw an American flag waving in the wind. I love it. It excites me. Not that I am overly patriotic but I just love seeing a waving flag. Just how I love driving into Vegas at night and seeing all the lights. Some sights just are fun for the lazy eye to view.
10.) I learned a new computer program at work. It was some good times. Look at me have more for future resumes. :)
11.) Just live your life....good song. Good lyrics. I am livin my's rockin and it's rollin. Apparently I don't use the g's on the ends of words. Hence the reason my mom is worried about me teaching my niece how to speak correctly. Anyway...go live your life.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday + Monday = Tuesday

Top Ten...

1.) Thank you to all those who text me today at kept me highly entertained and it keeps my fingers moving fast for all the typing I do. Arthritis here I come.
2.) So I voted today. Everyone was telling me about this LONG wait I'd have so I packed up a picnic...a lawn portable DVD player...etc and got in there and only had to wait one minute.
3.) I was walking into work today and this lady looked at me and said, "I like your shirt." I was like..."Oh thanks" thinking...dang I must be lookin' hot. Then she follows up with..."Probably because it is the same color as mine." And there you go.
4.) I really want a fish and Mama J is not thrilled about about shattered dreams.
5.) So the phone rings at work and the caller id comes up with the area code being 406...I told my co-workers..."Oh I think it is Oklahoma" Well come to find out it was really from Montana. My co-workers look at me and say "You were close." I thinking...Montana and Oklahoma are not even close together...haven't these people ever seen a map before? Well then I realized...Oklahoma has a 405 area code which is close to 406. Way to be on top of it Theresa.
6.) I walked through the leaves today. I love it. I love leaves. I love to rake. Maybe that is odd, but I don't really care.
7.) I went to Wal the Mart and Tar the get tonight in honor of my Pop's bday tomorrow. Woo hoo.
8.) My co-worker and I think it is very odd that they just re did the whole break room...they made it look super spiffy and then boom...they didn't even put a clock in it. Does that mean we never have to go back to work?
9.) I had the joy of being a horse tonight...I just wanted to lie on the living room floor and rest and suddenly my niece was on my back saying "Go Horsey!!! Get up!" So around I a horse.
10.) Well it looks like I'll be going to California soon to testify for Tina that the officer that pulled her over was definitely doing a little racial profiling. We will see how that leaves. I'm pretty stoked.
11.) I need a new service project...dang it Miss Lewis.
12.) Probably I am in love with today mostly because I got a pomegranate....only one of my favorite things ever.

Alrighty....rock it. shock it. lock it. -Theresa

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's just another manic Monday....

So today had some pretty rad moments....Here's the top ten...

1. First and foremost, I want to give a major shout out to my friend Meggie. Tonight she hundred percent...super duper amazed me. She has some mad skills. I threw a whole cupcake at her mouth and she caught it...the whole thing...frosting and all. If only I had that on camera. I hope that one day I have half the cupcake catching skills she has.
2. Tonight I almost lost an eye...literally. Katy kept making paper airplanes and was throwing them at my lazy eye. I think she wants it as a souvenir of Nebraska.
3. I did Dirty Flirty's say the'll be an adventure. She is supposed to marry John McCain. Have 16 kids. Live in Iraq. Their hobby is lazy eye worshipping. Etc. Wowzers.
4. The temperature outside today was quite delightful.
5. My friend A-Dizzle started her job at Deseret Book. I love it. Totally wish I could work there. She is nervous she won't know about the books...I told her to just tell the customers that the book brings the Spirit and is about Jesus. I think that covers it all.
6. I am listening to SNL's recap of all the political stuff...hilarious. Sometimes I just like to say "gosh darn it" with Sarah Palin's accent. It's to much to handle.
7. I wore a crazy good looking un-matched outfit to work pants. white shirt. green sweater. blue and teal diamond shape socks. black shoes. oh...i looked good.
8. So today at work was hilarious. Everyone had to get a new email program set up. We started using outlook at work...everyone was TICKED off about it because they couldn't figure it out. So funny. Everyone was just walking around cursing. It made for an entertaining day.
9. My one co-worker was so ticked that the only thing that made her happy the whole day was opening her new jar of peanut butter and licking the lid....seriously...she made me watch. Oh the joys of work!
10. I listened to "While you were sleeping" today....That has some good one liners. "these mashed potatoes are so creamy."
11. Melissa wants a shout out on my Melissa...this is for you. WORD!
12. I heard from G-Unit today. Whoop de freakin roo!

Well, I love life. It is some good times. Let's all look for the adventures and work 'em hardcore. I'm off to practice my cupcake catching skills.

-T to the Diddy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who knows what is gonna come of this....

So...I decided to get a blog?! Why, who knows? We will see how this leaves I guess.... I decided that mostly it'll be the top ten things that happen on a particular day. I have never been a great journal writer...and the only way I can do it is by writing the top ten things that happen in a that's what I'll do here and maybe more. We shall see!

Today's top ten would include....
1.) Losing by a hundred points in that takes some hard work.
2.) Eating red potatoes with A-1 Sauce...does life get any better than that?
3.) Going to stake conference....
4.) Getting a freakin' long nap in....good night nurse it was wonderful.
5.) Making cookies with Jack-Kay!
6.) Dirty Flirty making her mind up and telling me.
7.) Seeing my cute niece. She is a stud to the max...minus the fact that she straight up took all my gum from me and put it in her purse. What does a 3 year old need with that much gum?
8.) Wearing pj's most of the day.
9.) Being a match maker....weddings need to be coming from my hard work.
10.) and Probably the most exciting thing ever had to be that my dad made me dinner in a pumpkin...that is only the most amazing meal known to man. Just because it is exciting.

Peace out, girl scout. -T!