Sunday, October 31, 2010


fail. I fail at having a blog. ten reasons why...
1. i am lazy
2. i don't recall how to put pics on here and it BUGS me.
3. no one really reads this.
4. i think of brilliant things to put on here and well...just never do it.
5. the stories of my life work good with my vocal person.
6. the stories of my life work better with my facial person.
7. the stories of my life work best with my lazy person
8. this year has FLOWN by. fastest year of my life. does life always go this fast when you grow up?
9. see numero uno.
10. i work on a computer all day and well...therefore, don't always wanna be on one when i get home.
11. sometimes being a failure is more exciting than being successful. (what an ha ha.)

although, my goal was to blog once a month this year. i think i have won that so far. think being the key word.

good day yo