Sunday, February 27, 2011


So. I know that last post wasn't that great. My sister, Melissa, said and I quote, "You didn't even put who the quotes were by..." Yes, indeed, she does make a valid point. I am over it though. Mostly I just loved the quotes by those that blog was for me.

Moving on...

Our friend, Anneli, was in town a while back and I was telling her that I only believed in 2 things in life...1. Sanuk Shoes and 2. Simply Orange orange juice. Her response..."Uh...don't you believe in the Gospel?" Well, yes, yes, I do believe in the Gospel. Anyway, I thought it would be fun for me to try and think of things I "believe" in... not like core values, because I am not a core value/deep inspiration type of blogger. This will mostly be a list of material/worldly things I believe in...take that for what it's worth. Let's hope I'm not really this materialistic in real life...just in fake blogging world life...

I believe in...

1.) Sanuk shoes. They are a brand of amazingness. I have like 4 pairs & one day I hope they are all I wear. They are SOOO (emphasis on the so...apparently) comfy and nice to wear. I dislike wearing flip flops...they are never comfortable and well they usually make me hate life and my feet after a day in them...until you meet the Sanuk YOGA mat flip flops. Changed my life...yes they did. Thank you I can now be an average person and wear flip flops all throughout the summer days. (Some winter days too...if the snow isn't that deep.)

2.) Simply Orange juice. Anywhere from pulp free to the kind where you have to chew the pulp...I'll drink it either way. It is what we would call De to the Lish. I love it. Any other orange juice is a waste of calories and time. Simply Orange may be a waste of calories...but never EVER a waste of time or taste.

3.) Burts Bees chapstick. Dry lips are for the birds and this brand definitely takes care of that problem. I thought all chapsticks were created equal but that is a falsehood. I now prefer only burts bees. It does the job with better quality than other chapstick. Thank you also for not testing your product on animals. Or something.

Ok folks...this is when I start stretching it for things I 'believe' in...

4.) The iPhone. When I went to get a new phone last summer the last thing I thought I would walk out with was an iphone...but alas, that's what I have. I appreciate the iphone for giving me hours of entertainment and for helping me have something to look at or pretend to look at or listen to or pretend to listen to when I want to avoid partaking in conversation with the rest of humanity.

5.) Chewing gum. I believe in it as a whole. Some types are better than others. Some flavors I prefer over others. I do not appreciate cinnamon types...I do not believe in that. at. stinking. all. But chewing gum is something I definitely adore. Some people think it is a bad habit in public situations (mama J)...I on the other hand, don't feel this way. So I will continue to chew gum. It's a free country still...until you step in discarded chewing gum and have to buy new shoes. Be kind...throw it away in a proper place.

6.) I believe in songs that have words. Instrumental music is okay but I struggle with it. I am really trying to learn to like it more...but it is hard for me. I prefer/believe in listening to music with words. That's just me and my ridiculousness. I am not trying to offend people out there. Anyway, give me some musicia with words and I am good to go.

7.) I believe in adding random espanol words in my everyday language. I feel like it adds a little spice to life and talking. Plus sometimes I just like the reaction of it all. This should not be shocking for all of you who know me. Que bueno.

8.) I believe the children are our future. If it's good enough for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. It's good enough for me.

9.) I believe in owning a truck. It hasn't happened to me personally yet...but I hope one day I can have claim to this adventure. Oh how I really want a truck. Dream big people...dream big.

10.) I believe in showering daily. Just a personal preference. My roomie, Shannon, sometimes tries to see how long she can keep me busy on Saturdays before I shower... but it will not work. I know her game. I will win and I will shower. Anything else is failure...and stinky.

11.) I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And. I love this Gospel. Seriously. It makes me think. It helps me have hope. It enlightens me. It enlivens me. It gives me better perspective. It makes me kinder and better and truer. It fills my voids. It makes me happy. It brings joy and satisfaction. It calms my fears. It conquers my inadequacies. It makes me work. It stretches and strengthens me. It defines my goals. It is what I hope to become. I love this Gospel. The end.

So. This was a weird blog. But it is late and I am going to bed because I, for sure, believe in SLEEP!
Adios. -Estrella.