Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh who knows...

Ten random thoughts

1.) I think the show American Gladiators is a classic and one of the most amazing shows to watch. I don't care how I am feeling, if I am flipping through channels and that show comes up...I will stop and watch it for a bit. What is the's not the spandex, that's for dang sure.

2.) I want to be the subject of  a "would you rather" question. That is a good, quality goal. I don't think it should be to hard seeing how I have a lazy eye.

3.) If the Office was on broadway...I would go see it. Hands down, no questions asked.

4.) Swimsuit shopping and doctors bring out the worst in me....not those two things at the same time...that'd be an interesting combo. Although, they also bring out really really funny stories later.

5.) My pops is a stud. It is fathers day and I really think my dad is super cool. So...not boom roasted to him.

6.) I have learned a really swell skill at work...filling up ink pads without spilling ink on my clothes. That is a resume builder for sure.

7.) I want a truck...only so I can steal random objects out of people's trash piles...people get rid of some dang good stuff. What would I do with...oh, you just wait and see.

8.) How did I end up with 3 free pieces of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory? I don't know but I am not complaining. Score to the max.

9.) My co-worker keeps telling me that I can buy 1500 lady bugs for $6.50. Apparently I look like I need a lot of lady bugs in my life?!?  Confusing...I think, YES!

10.) Confession....I sometimes use a safety pin as a button to hold my pants up. I feel a little whitetrash about it. But I also feel that people around me would rather have my pants up then seeing my whole world so I feel it evens my concerns out.

11.) Some kid told me the other day..."I know how to ride a two wheeler and I'm still five." I feel great about that.  I miss those days. 

12.) Possum's freak me out.  Just absolutely they frighten me esp. at night when they are running around in the area I am walking. Oh man, no freakin' bueno.

13.) Using two foot-erized scooters at a time makes things a little hard, but very fun. I'm just lucky I didn't crash. 

Good day, I said Good day...