Monday, December 20, 2010

Slack Attack

Why was I slacker for November and December?
Ooohh ohhh. Let me answer....because. You see. I had to write the family Christmas letter. It's a task when the familia doesn't change that much. So I am taking a top ten mini vacay and just putting on here the christmas letter instead of a top ten list. It'll suffice. Trust.
It's so long. If you only care about certain individuals....namely me or my fish...just go to my section. My fish didn't actually get a section. Next's to hoping. :)

December 2010

People whom we adore,
     Hello. Can you believe 2010 is almost over? I am certainly in denial about the whole ordeal, for a few reasons. The year went so fast and well, the Starr family is plateauing when it comes to excitement and that means less material for the Starr Holiday letter. I gave everyone a week to do something really amazing that I could write about; the week came and went and all I heard about was that Melissa had finished her Christmas shopping. See what I am talking about with the excitement lacking a bit? Let’s try it out anyway. The family....

Pops. Oh gee, he just did some craziness this year. He followed the wife’s lead (and persuasion) and made the leap to get hearing aids. Poor now takes twice as much work to ignore us all. Bless his heart (and his ears). Pops decided to pound the pavement this year as well...he worked for the Census Bureau. Government agencies run in that man’s blood. It was a good time for him, and he lot of interesting people. Pops is living a good life spending most of his time being a good ole dad and grandpa, and, every once in a while, we even let him sit all alone without his hearing aids and read a book.

Mama J is in love with her new hearing aids. Who knew hearing the grandkids screaming could be so “joyous.” She is still working about 6 hours a week as a physical therapist...she gets to work just in time to leave. She went on so many trips this year that I thought she was trying to get a side job as a pilot. She keeps us all in order and even took on the challenge of getting us all in order for a family picture. It was a great adventure and she might have been the only one with a smile on at the end. We love our Mama J and when the mom is happy, everyone is happy.

The Habel Clan. They are a busy bunch with probably the most excitement. We all look to them to keep us guessing and for the free entertainment. Nate has been busy with his job and his business. He got a little crazy this year and decided to take Abby and Mia on a road trip to South Carolina...ALONE! That’s a bold move, and he now will forever have my respect. I think he had a good time especially because he got to learn all of the words to the songs from “Annie.” That is a skill that will forever come in handy. Nate did get a sweet ride this year...a Studebaker. Dreams do come true. Catherine also got a little crazy this year and has been taking care of 4 kids under the age of 5. It’s a lot of organized chaos and a lot of boogers. Disgusting right? She is a good mom to those kiddos, and the State of Nebraska’s foster care system should be proud. I would write about all the vacations she took, but we realized she only left the state one day this year to go to Kansas City. Hmm. She does have a new adventure though. The church asked her to work with the cub scouts program. The outfit is very “flattering.” Again...dreams do come true.

Abby is now 5 and full of spunk. She started kindergarten this year. She is becoming very logical and smart. She informed me the other day that I was to the left of her. What 5 year old knows that? I’m scared she will surpass us all soon enough. At least we can read. Take that kid. We enjoy hearing about all her activities with school, swimming lessons, being the big sister, church, etc. etc. etc. She keeps us well informed, and we certainly appreciate that.

Miss M is 3 and is full of fun. She started preschool this year and gets to take the bus. That’s a big deal around these parts...if you are 3 to 5 years old. She sang a song from Les Miserables to us the other day... that was highly impressive, and we are hoping for a Broadway star in the near future. Be on the lookout. We love her and pray that we can adopt her soon. The process is slow (and just plain annoying sometimes) but her smile and even the time out moments keep us motivated.

Baby D is 1 now and had a fun year of firsts. She learned to crawl and finally decided that walking isn’t so hard and scary. She is moving all over the place and is SO dang cute. She doesn’t talk much yet, but around our baby hungry family, she couldn’t get a word in edgewise anyhow. Besides, she doesn’t need to talk when we all dote on her every need. We love this foster kid something fierce.

And introducing a new foster babe....Lil A. Lil A is Baby D's half sister and was born in July. She’d cried 24/7 for a long while, but we think she is on her way to cuteness now. Baby D loves giving her sister kisses and Lil A mostly just loves the wind going through her lungs and the sound of her own scream. She really is cute and we do think she is something special.
So, there you have it. I tell ya...those Habel’s are something else. (Hopefully, Mama J included a pic so you can see those cute kiddos that we love and adore.)

Melissa is still around. She found a new hobby this year (which she should probably turn into a business). She writes email complaints to companies when they screw up things for us. But seriously, Melissa really has been busy this year. Her work has given her the opportunity to teach at the community college about physical therapy...or something. She also helps at her alma mater, Creighton, with labs and interviews for prospective students. She works hard so she can play hard. She traveled with me to Utah for ten days, she went to Virginia a couple times this year, and she went to Arizona. She is definitely living it up...I guess that’s what happens when you write email complaints to airlines as a side job.

As for me, Theresa, life is seriously legit. Work time and play time are pretty much the same as last year (which works for me). I also tried a new hobby this year...the lost art of stick shift driving. Those in the car have never been so grateful for seat belts. But, it certainly is a fun way to drive. I also did something that I hope to never do again...I was the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding. Getting all gussied up and standing around smiling in pictures is for the birds, but I was happy to be a part of it all. I also got to travel around for friend’s weddings in Chicago and in Utah. Ten days in Utah with Melissa and we didn’t fight once! That’s a serious record. We are just getting so big. Life is stellar. I love it!

We are a very blessed and happy family. We love having each other so close and the opportunity to spend lots of time together. We also enjoy visitors...hint, hint. We hope all is going well for each of you and may you know that we care and love you. God Bless you at this time and throughout the future. Happy happy 2011! Have fun. Be good and mostly just Live the Dream!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


fail. I fail at having a blog. ten reasons why...
1. i am lazy
2. i don't recall how to put pics on here and it BUGS me.
3. no one really reads this.
4. i think of brilliant things to put on here and well...just never do it.
5. the stories of my life work good with my vocal person.
6. the stories of my life work better with my facial person.
7. the stories of my life work best with my lazy person
8. this year has FLOWN by. fastest year of my life. does life always go this fast when you grow up?
9. see numero uno.
10. i work on a computer all day and well...therefore, don't always wanna be on one when i get home.
11. sometimes being a failure is more exciting than being successful. (what an ha ha.)

although, my goal was to blog once a month this year. i think i have won that so far. think being the key word.

good day yo


Thursday, September 30, 2010


I try to blog once a month. Dang it. It's the last day of the month. Not feeling like blogging much. Just saying. I will come up with a "I think this is a brilliant blog" soon.

Tonight you just get this...

Ten things I have loved lately...

1.) Shannon. Specifically her dance tonight. She redid the Britney Spears dance off of Glee. I was laughing so hard I started coughing.

2.) The tv show Modern Family. I think it is brilliant and I love the characters. Last nights show...awesome.

3.) The weather. Fall is definitely competing hardcore style with Spring for my favorite season this year.

4.) Baby D. That's my sister's foster baby and she is learning to walk. Precious.

5.) Learning to drive stick. My aunt may have messed up gears and/or a broken neck...but it was some good times.

6.) Tamry. She is coming to visit for Thanksgiving. STOKED!

7.) Red Potatoes and A-1 Sauce together. Genius meal.

8.) Postsecret. You either get it or you don't.

9.) Sadie. She got me laughing so hard the other night I almost fell off the couch.

10.) Living the dream. Need I say more?

Life is good. What do you love lately?


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It is what it is.

Well. It's the end of the month again...already. Dang time flies regardless of the fun factor...jokes. There is not much going down in my world. So. I'll keep it easy and share ten random things...per usual.

1.) Yesterday my coworker wanted me to go take a tour of the new and improved mothers room at work...let's be honest...she wanted the free treats they were handing anyway, I wasn't so thrilled about going and she looks at me and says in all seriousness..."Theresa, You could have a baby in 6 months. You could have a baby in 3 months." At that point I was pretty confused. I feel like I would probably know if I was going to be popping out a small child in 3 months...I mean, I am definitely not trying to be on that show "I didn't know I was pregnant." Needless to say, she was confused....she got her free treat though.

2.) Remember the website! Random memory from my teenage years.

3.) My roommate, Shannon, was watching Full House on tv the other day. I couldn't figure out why...I said, "Shannon. I don't need to watch Full House....that is my life...3 adults living with some kids in a house." Just saying.

4.) I was not a believer in the whole idea of "Friday the 13th" until this last Friday the 13th. Crazy day. Let's look at the evidence...I went to lunch with my co workers and straight up fell down in the grass, it was painful and stained my jeans. Lame. Then I got into a misunderstanding with someone at work...feelings hurt, tears shed, mostly just awkwardness to the max. Lame times two. Then I walked to my car after work and some guy yelled out his window at me "You're FAT!!" As if I don't have a mirror. Lamesauce again. Ah well, I still live the dream. :)

5.) Also, I never thought I was an emotional eater...but after that crazy day on Friday the 13th I went to a camp out and let me tell you one thing...S'mores can definitely heal the wounded soul.

6.) Speaking of the word FAT...Sadie, the 3 year old, has learned the word fat and so it is outlawed at our house. The other day I was talking to a houseguest about "Saturated Fats" and Sadie looked over at me and said..."We don't say fat." Touche Sadie, touche.

7.) My coworker Amber is the best. She tells me funny stories and crazy stories and all the kind of stories in between. The other day she was telling a story about her madre and the internet and suddenly Amber is all upset about it and says, "Heaven forbid someone wacks into her computer stuff." My response..."Uh, mean hacks?"

8.) I got an iPhone. It'd be pretty rad if I knew how to run it.

9.) I had a dream that I had a kid and named it after my mom. I thought I'd tell my mom and win some total brownie points with her. Her response..."Don't name your kid after me!" Dang it. Fail.

10.) My new favorite joke...."What are the 3 rings of marriage?" Answer..."Engagement ring, Wedding Ring, SuffeRING" Makes me laugh every time!!

11.) I am stoked out of my mind for fall.

12.) I am going to Virginia next week. I am excited to see la familia and to get out of Nebraska for a bit. Trips are exciting. Work to play...

13.) A quote I love by one, Alexander Pope, "Do good by stealth and blush to find it fame." Do good people. Do good.

Random as ever,
T to the Starr

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hello. I know you came to read some genius and hilarious anecdotes from our beloved Tstarr. SUPRISE! I am a secret guest blogger... so i will tell you ten stories about my life. And then. You have my full approval to guess who i am.

So. Ten great stories from my life....

10. I went to Mandy Andersen's wedding and danced like a butterfly on acid who had recently been kicked off the cheerleading squad for being uncoordinated. If you can actually create a mental image of that, props to you.

9. I recently became a new teacher. Well to encourage me my instructional coach told me a story about his first year of teaching. He told me that when he asked one of his students to not sharpen his pencil in class the child walked over, pulled down his pants and peed all over the teacher's pants. Am I excited to be a teacher? Yes. Why? Because when I am grumpy sometimes i want to pee on others. But that my dear is socially unacceptable.

8. My husband is in california on a family trip. And I told my husband in a public place he needed to call me before he went to bed. I said it slightly harshly I will admit. Well a little old man who i had never met proceeded to tell me I needed to repent and his wife and him had been married for 38 years. Well La Dee Dah. I can work a computer. Beat that old man!

7. I recently was on an airplane. I had my birth certificate and my marriage certificate with me to change my last name in nebraska. I put these important documents in my reading book to be sure not to lose them. Turns out that was the worst idea ever. I left the book on the airplane. The way i look at it though, I have no longer been born and I am no longer married. To sum it up, i am an imaginary single lady. Look out world.

6. SInce this IS tstarrs blog... I will dedicate number 6 to her by writing her a poem.

Theresa is really a star,
to see her i would swim far,
I hope she like me back
or i will stick her with a tack.

5. I went into a department store today in a huge ugly t-shirt and jeans. I had no make up and was wearing my glasses. You would have thought i was missing an eye ball and i had no teeth. Those super skinny girls who seem to own nothing but all black clothing and have big hair and rainbow eye shadow looked like they thought I should be shipped to a remote island where no one would have to place their eyes on such a hideous beast. Whatever. I least I eat.

4. For the first time in my whole life I can do push ups. Every year in elementary school we took presidential fitness tests. Every year I couldn't even do one push up. Yesterday. I did five. But I don't know how to get a hold of the president. I figure if he cared about my fitness then he should care about it now. ACTUALLY now that i think about it the number to the white house is in the game Trivial pursuit. I'll call tomorrow.

3. I gave up diet coke for a month. It sucked. I am now back on the sauce.

2. I am in fact pregnant. Not really. I am just not a good blogger.

1. This is TStarr now. Listen, this person and I became friends because we both do not like cats with a passion, she NEVER wrote me on my mission even though she PROMISED (did I mention that when she made this promise...we only knew each other because our parents are friends....), we both were in the singles ward and no one wanted to be our friends so we ONLY had each other...literally. That is all. (She is legit though.)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old School

Well. In a few is my 26th birthday. I'm getting old. I'm okay with that I suppose. Anyway, my 25th year was fun times so I decided to blog 25 things that made this year exciting....

In no particular order....

1.) I took a fat trip to Utah...ten days to be exact. Melissa came with me and her and I didn't fight the ENTIRE trip....that was 25 years in the making. It was super legit. Saw lots of friends and weddings and utah hair and drove through the whole dang state.

2.) I got a sweet Bike!! It just rides so dang smooth. Such a beauty.

3.) I babysat my foster niece, Baby D, for a week. She was 6 weeks old at the time. Wowzers that was a wild ride. But it was same dang good birth control. :)

4.) I moved away from the parents and moved in with Shannon and Sadie. They are some serious fun to live with. I love living with a small child (that I am not really responsible for...ha ha). The fact that when I leave Sadie says, "Peace out Homie..." rocks my world. Also, Shannon is legit to live with...check out the blog Melissa and I made for

5.) I went to the wedding of 2 of my homies. JJ and Shane. Very beautiful wedding in October. I would also like to point out that I helped matchmake them. I love setting people up. Hit me up if you need a hook up.

6.) I went to my first HUSKER GAME!!!! I know, I know....pathetic...I've lived in Nebraska my whole stinkin life and just went to one....but it was SO SO SO SO much fun. I sure do love me some Huskers. Go team. Go....whatever conference we play in.

7.) I switched up my schedule at work and started working ten hour days on Tues-Fri. Very wise decision. I love having Mondays off to play and get chores done. 3 day weekends are superb and I recommend them to one and all. Heck, maybe this next year I can work out 4 day weekends. Jokes.

8.) I was the maid of honor in my friend, Brittani's wedding to Ry Guy. I don't do the whole get dressed up and be proper thang very well but luckily Brit was pretty low key style with me so it all worked out well and she had a beautiful wedding and reception. Although, for future reference I do not make the best Maid of was raining madness after the wedding and I straight up left for the reception without staying for pics in that rain...whoops. lol.

9.) I hit 2 years at work. TWO YEARS. That seems like forever and a day to me...but everyone else has worked there for years and years and I guess I am still green. Nothing like being the youngest at work and therefore having 14 mothers. I could make a whole blog on just the advice they give me daily....unreal.

10.) I lost some weight...maybe 1 pound, maybe 400 pounds...but either way, it was good for me.

11.) I went on some dates...maybe 1 date, maybe 400 dates...but either way, it was good for ha ha.

12.) I moved into a sweet house with Shannon and Sadie. And Melissa came and joined us. It is super nice and give us plenty of space so we aren't always up in each other's bidness. And now we even have a trampoline in the backyard...WHAT WHAT. So fun.

13.) I won march madness at work. I wish I could pretend like this was some amazing feat due to my wonderful abilities but was way good guessing on my part. Either way, it was fun and made all that basketball nonsense a little more entertaining at the office.

14.) I helped share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with some people. I love the good news of Christ and I think this is a message that can change lives and people for the BEST. I am always grateful to God when He lets me be a part of His great work. I couldn't seriously ask for more. I love love LOVE it. Want to know more....

15.) I became part of the "Party Planning Committee" at may or may not, but probably was, self-appointed. Good times...esp the Pirate Day at work. ARGGGHHHH Matey.

16.) I had surgery on my lazy eye. It's still a bit lazy, but not nearly as bad. So less headaches, and less confusion when I talk to people and they can't figure out if I am looking at them or someone else. Although, I do miss the all the lazy eye jokes I used to make.

17.) I was a guest on Oprah.... ok ok, that was a lie.

17 take two.) I got a side job of selling boiled eggs to my co worker. This may seem more unbelievable than the Oprah one...but it is TRUTH. Every day...I give her 2 boiled eggs and she gives me some jump change. (Thank you Shannon for the Egg Genie 'as seen on tv'....makes the eggs perfecto.)

18.) I took an awesome trip with the parents, Melissa, and some extended familia to Caneel Bay...the Virgin Islands. It was AMAZING!!! I dream dream DREAM of going back. I loved it to the max. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Loved eating seafood (as one can imagine...Nebraska does not have a claim to fame in this) and also loved snorkeling all the live long day and seeing what is Under The Sea....under the sea.

19.) I took a vacation to Chi-town for Hauserpie's wedding. Her wedding/reception was STELLAR and it was fun to hang out with my old roomie, Tam. Also, I got to see the river dyed green for St. Patty's day which was really cool.

20.) I walked a 5K. Not to shabby. Wish I had been wearing better socks though. Enough said.

21.) I had my first roller derby experience. No, I am not in the roller derby, but I am now an official roller derby roadie wanna-be. (is there such a thing) This is perhaps, my new sport of choice. It is fun and exciting and vibrant.

22.) I had a adventuresome Thanksgiving. I got Tamry to fly into Vegas the same day I did and we traveled up to Cedar City to join Tina and her family and our other college friends for Thanksgiving. Super SUPER fun. All I can say is..."You're okay, but I'm a little squished..."
22b.) we also traveled up the mountain so that Jeff and his pops could cut down their own Christmas Tree. Obviously, never have done that before, apparently we don't have mountains in Nebraska.

23.) I found my way to the Omaha airport all by myself....thank you Mr. Garmin. Ok ok, so not that thrilling but I am running out of options here.

24.) I made it the whole year without watching any twilight/new moon crap. I had to dodge it quite a bit but I did it. SUCCESS!!!

25.) Mostly during this last year I just LIVED THE DREAM!!! That's my catch phrase and it works because I just live it up...or try to...or pretend to. It was a stellar year. I hope this one rocks just as much.

Onward and Upward...
The old school T Starr.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ten Places I love....

1.) Knotts berry farm. Legit times a million.

2.) Chuck-e-cheeses. Ski ball...yes.

3.) Virginia. The ocean, the mountains, busch gardens, my extended family. Beat that you little troutsniffer.

4.) Facebook....facebookstalking. What... did I even say that.

5.) Caneel Bay, Virgin Islands. Snorkeling the mess outta life rocks.

6.) With a friend....any of them. I love me a good laugh and that happens with my buddies.

7.) The Temple. A little peace for the Soul.

8.) Northern California. Does it make my life complete? Quite a bit, thank you.

9.) A Mexican Food Place. Que Bueno.

10.) With mi familia. STARRS!

11.) Playing a little I 80 years old? perhaps.

(12.) BED! Night-TStarr.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The airport

Ten random things you see/hear at the airport....

1.) People paying 10 bucks for a sandwich that doesn't even look appetizing.

2.) People wearing sunglasses while walking around the terminals....I didn't realize it was SO bright in here.

3.) People lining up like herds of cows just to avoid the M.S.S. (Middle seat syndrome)

4.) People yawning repeatedly to pop their ears....I am down with that though... pressured ears is a no bueno.

5.) People talking so dang loudly on their teles that you know all of their business and let me tell you, I do not care to be all up in their "bidness." (but thanks for sharing.)

6.) Parents chasing their children around like mad....I mean honestly, where are they going to escape to?

7.) People freaking about security so much so that they pull everything out of their pockets and put it in individual tubs....including their pocket lint.

8.) Ok ok....People tripping on that automatic walkway thingy.... I deleted this one at first and Melissa asked why and I said...because I do that. We all trip, but it is pretty funny. Melissa tripped on the carpet 3 times at the Denver airport and I am sure somebody got some amusement from that hot mess.

9.) People filling their carry on bags with everything they have ever owned and then wondering why they can't get it to fit underneath the seat in front of them. Also, I feel bad for the people they accidently hit when they are walking around the airport or walking down the aisle on the plane with their monster bags. Dang bruises.

10.) Imagine this....Super tan sisters. They are skinny. They have blonde hair. They have matching cutesy carry on bags. They are sipping on their Starbucks coffee. They are happy.... sounds like every guys dream right.....well too bad....they are like 70 years old....individually.

11.) Monkey tails.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Phrase Ten

I am a repeat offender. What I mean to say is that the same jingles get stuck in my head. The same movie quotes reside there as well. And I constantly give the same answers in response to questions, comments, concerns. I'm not sure if that makes me not very surprising/unique or if makes me like most other people...but I'm okay with it either way.

Ten Phrases I use or think... a little to much.

1.) "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." This is from the movie Princess Bride, apparently I watched this to much as a child. But also, when I would talk to my dad on the phone as a child we would quote this to each other sometimes.

2.) "I'll tell you when you're older." This is a response I use to get out of answering many a question. People hate it, but it never fails that they forget whatever they asked and therefore I never have to answer.

3.) "Now, you are family. Okay. All my life, I had a lump at the back of my neck, right here. Always, a lump. Then I started menopause and the lump got bigger from the "hormonees." It started to grow. So I go to the doctor, and he did the bio... the b... the... the bios... the... b... the "bobopsy." Inside the lump he found teeth and a spinal cord. Yes. Inside the lump was my twin." This is from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The great Aunt Voula says this legit line. I don't usually quote the whole thing...just parts, mostly... "It was my twin." (On a side note...many quotes from this movie are repeated by me...this just represents that.)

4.) "Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evening, Pizza at suppertime. When pizza's on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime." I don't know why this jingle is in head so much... I don't really love pizza or bagels.

5.) "Livin' the Dream." This is my auto response if people ask me how I am doing. It's usually pretty right on. Life is pretty stellar. (and it beats the average 'fine' offense if you use fine)

6.) "Theresa Starr as in There's a Starr." This is how I explain my name sometimes. Why? Who just is more fun.

7.) "A.C. said 10 percent. Too bad A.C. ain't in charge no more." This is from Home Alone. Sometimes when I use this around mormon people they think I am talking to them about tithing...that gets awkward.

8.) "I dunno, I just live here" or "I dunno, I just work here" or "I dunno, I just (whatever I'm doing or where ever I'm at is inserted) here." This is used in a variety of ways...when people look at me at work and can't believe something is happening, I just shrug my shoulders and say..." I dunno, I just work here." Or when I am confused as to what is up or what I am supposed to be doing or perhaps I have been day dreaming...."I dunno, I just live here." It's not helpful. But it's me.

9.) "Billy Jean is not my lover...." This is a Michael Jackson song...I wouldn't say it's in my head to terribly much, but it's in my head right now. And let me tell you one thing...I am glad Billy Jean is not my lover.

10.) "Ya Booze, Ya lose." "Ya Smoke, ya choke" "Hugs, not drugs." "Don't get mad, get glad." etc etc etc. Apparently rhyming really is an amazing thing to me. Who knew.

11.) "Peace out Homie."


Sunday, April 4, 2010

East to the er.

My favorite holiday is RIGHT THIS SECOND! I love Easter. I just think it is amazing. I love that it is spring time. I love that is not as commercialized (but that's getting worse). I love what it is a HUGE deal...the Atonement and the is what gives us the opportunity to live with our Heavenly Father again. Just sayin. LOVE IT!!! And I also love Easter candy.

Ten random memories/things about Easter...

1.) One Easter I was on my mission. I was serving in Santa Rosa with Sister Beck. We had easter dinner at the Beal's house and Sister Beal made me wear a bow in my hair. I think we all know I am not a "girly-girl"...I just try to keep it real, but NO....a bow had to be worn. Ridiculous. It was a little much, but I managed...somehow. (The blessings of serving a mission.)

2.) When I was a young buck my grandma used to send us these HUGE chocolate and peanut butter eggs. They were as big as my head and DELICIOUS. Yum to the max...

3.) The Easter basket I used as a kid can also be worn as a hat...kind of. It's not that appealing for anyone to see but every year I put it on my head as a fact, I just did it tonight. A little random but true.

4.) My freshman year of college we had easter together at the dorms and we played this crazy was SO FUN. We were all in teams and Lizy hid easter eggs and only one person from the team could find them and the person had to make an animal noise until another person from the same team ran over and scooped up the egg. I remember this for a few reasons...
A.) My team was called "3 darkies and a whitie" shocker but I was the super super white one. I can't tan people...ok.
B.) Pep tried to steal people's candy by saying "Girl, let me see what you got in dat bag" I think I still use that phrase.
C.) Diehl found the last easter egg and all of his team had already gone back inside the dorms so for about 5 minutes he laid next to the egg yelling "GOOBLE" (his team picked turkey as their animal). It was hilarious.

5.) My last year in college, Tamry, Lexy and I took a road trip to visit Tina for easter. On Easter Sunday we decided to skip church and go to Knotts Berry Farm. (Ok, so I really REALLY love that place). Easter Sunday is a stellar time to go...not a lot of people are there. It was a good day minus Tamry getting sick from her funnel cake. BUT...Church is probably a more appropriate place to be...our bad.

6.) Another Easter in college I came home over the break because I told my parents how Easter is my FAVORITE holiday and I would love to spend time with them plus they were having a baby shower for Catherine that same they, being the kindest parents ever, let me come home for the holiday. It was an awesome time and I also got to participate in an easter egg friend, Meg, was putting one on for her kids and let me come over and join. I think the youngest person participating had to have been like 12 or 13.... pathetic eh? yah was AWESOME!

7.) That same Easter I visited Tina's house (in #5)...her mom hid easter candy for all of us in little bags. Tamry and Tina and Lexy all found theirs super quick...I couldn't find mine until Tina's mom started playing "hot and cold" with me. Dang it. I did not have mad skills then.

8.) Easter dresses are overrated.

9.) I'd like to thank Melissa for letting me be part of the easter egg hunts she puts on for the last 2 years. The little kids and I have a blast.

10.) Deviled eggs should be eaten on Easter. They are so wonderful.

11.) I love Cadbury eggs more than I love most things.

12.) I love the saying..."there would be no christmas if there was no easter." Think about it...awesome. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

13.) As a child I loved to "shrink-a-dink" the eggs... that was super legit.

14.) My college roomie, Holly, used to always come back from Vegas after Easter weekend and bring this random cake that was a was the craziest thing ever. People always ate like 2 bites of it and then it somehow got turned into a random prank. Oh man. The memories.

15.) I came home from my mission like 3 days before Easter... the holiday may have been one thing that brought me joy at that hard transition time.

16.) Easter rocks! The end.

I think I was on a sugar, I am crashing. Good day.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bike Helmet

So. Today I bought a bike. I once had a pretty sweet bike (pre-mission years). I got it the summer before college, I think?! I also am a firm believer in bike helmets. So when I got that bike...I got a helmet. I could write as to why I am a believer in helmets, but another time, another place. (Just ask Melissa...she is a P.T. and I am sure she could tell you horror stories of traumatic brain injuries of people without bike helmets.) Anyway, that bike I had pre-mish got stolen while I was on the mission. So for a while I have wanted a new one. So today I got one. SWEET! But now I can't find the ole bike helmet. Busted. (Don't worry...I will get one). I was looking for the helmet today and I was looking in a random bin from college...the bin I like to call "my toy bin." Well, it flooded back a bunch of college memories. (I know, I know...a toy bin...from college. It's just how I roll.) There is a quote that says, "A man that lives in the past doesn't live at all." I have thought about that a lot. I try to live in the here and now, but I wlll say this.... I loved (LOVED) my college years. I found quite the extended family. I met people that became instant and life-long friends. I feel blessed to the max for my experience in college. I have the BEST memories of things that occurred. I loved it. I love the people and am grateful that they are still a part of my life. They have influenced and changed me for the better. They have supported me and well...told me to shut up when being stupid. They are real people....and that makes it sincere. Anyway, mushy stuff aside. The "toy bin" made me think of memories from the dorm days...aka my first year of college. So I thought I would write down memories of things I recalled and things I don't think I'll forget...but now at least, they are written down regardless of my memory.

The break down....10 random memories from a gazillion memories of dorm days. (I would like to point out that I have much of that year documented on film. I am pretty darn sure we could have been our own reality tv show.)

1.) Eryn realizing that cinder block walls were not sound proof. "What do you mean they aren't sound proof? You can hear all this?" (This was before she moved into my room...dang elephants.)

2.) Liz pulling Reenie back when everyone was running to hide in bedrooms because they thought we were about to get busted again.

3.) The mole hair found in the mashed potatoes at the cafeteria. Sick. Seriously. Sick.

4.) Timmy prank calling people as Ming-Na selling friendship bracelets and Mama J really ordering a friendship bracelet.

5.) Tina having her tv remote control velcroed to the wall so we wouldn't lose it.

6.) Everyone having their own specific dance move... "That B. stole my move"

7.) The "Chewey Cox" group walking around Vegas...trying to stay together.

8.) The parade down the hall...the scooter, the unicycle, the bike and then finally the vacuum being the "pooper scooper" so we didn't break the rules and leave marks on the carpet from the scooter.

9.) Realizing the final week that we lived in the dorms that the middle shower stall actually DID work.

10.) "I'm your host, Christina Collinwood"

11.) Tex and Mikey's workout.

12.) Pep!

13.) Someone stealing Piggy. I'm still ticked about that one. Although, it might have been Senior's snake that had gotten loose.
13b.) A question? Why was it like a freaking pet shop in there...we had a bunny, a dog, a snake, fish, etc etc etc.

14.) The "For the Love" and baseball charts. Such beautiful wall decorations in my room.

15.) Diehl's Dino voice....when he did it to Mikey. Bad news bears for sure.

16.) Newman Duncan at Juniper Hell...I mean Hall.

17.) All 30 of us walking to dinner together and putting our gum on the "gum pole." What was wrong with us?

Ok, well, obviously I could go on forever. This post was definitely for me. Anyway, I really rather enjoy my new bike.

Back to here and now.
T. Diddy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monday vs. Friday

So. I work. (uh...). I used to work the normal Monday to Friday 8-5, an hour lunch dealio. It was nice and all, but then I got the opportunity to work a new schedule and this is it...Tuesday to Friday, 7:30 am to 6 pm, with a half hour lunch. I decided against the more normal of the 4/10 schedule...Mon-Thurs. Now I will tell you ten reasons why I prefer my new schedule as I had a reminder when a couple weeks ago I worked a Monday so I could leave town early that week. (details, details...).

So here it goes...

1.) Nobody really likes work on Mondays. People are not super stoked to be there. I miss all that drama. By the time Tuesday rolls around everyone has resigned themselves to the drudgery of work. So, onward and upward.

2.) Because I work the other 4/10 shift, I get to work on Friday...which is JEANS day. That is a legit enough reason right there. I love wearing me some jeans to much more comfy. So if I had worked 4/10 M-Th, I would have missed that props to jean day.

3.) I think this is rather obvious, but it must be said...3 day weekends. Two is better than one or so they say...therefore I will say that three must be better than two.

4.) At work, I open mail. Please, refrain from being jealous. I actually don't mind it. I get to use this sweet little mail opener and well...for some reason, it gives me a since of pirate power. what... Anyway, I don't love it THAT much though....and Monday has the most I guess that's a perk. A weak perk, but a perk.

5.) I like that I only get a half hour lunch. I know, that seems a tad bit odd, but just hear me out...(or me out)... when I had an hour lunch I would often find myself in the break room sitting on a couch falling into a deep sleep. Then I would start snoring...and well, that'd be embarrassing when I would wake up and see everyone else staring at me because apparently my snoring had caught their attention as well. So there you go.
5b.) Sometimes it's hard to have a short lunch because then I can't go out to lunch with people...but look. I save calories and money. So that rocks.

6.) Working 4/10s has saved me a lot of vacation time usage. I still get to go on trips while using less vacation time...isn't that like the best mathematical equation thingy ever?!

7.) I no longer get the dreaded SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES!!! I used to get these real bad style on Sunday nights. I would dread the weekend getting over and heading back to el work-o. But on Mondays I do so many chores and run around all day that by the end of the day, I am ready to go back to work and get my trabajo groove on.

8.) A superb reason that I love having Mondays off is that I get to take a wicked awesome institute class by Bishop Barrera. He teaches with the class and style of a pro-golfer. So it works out.

9.) For 6 hours of my work week I don't have to say "Child Welfare & Juvenile Services. This is Theresa." over the tele. Now don't get me wrong...I can hold my own on the tele, but it is nice to know that for a few minutes every day I don't have to be interrupted 15 times just to get one thing done by the phone. I guess the multitasking-interruption part is swell training if I am ever a mom...or an ER doctor.

10.) How about this reason... it gives my co workers a day off from my umbrella ball or paperclip necklaces or answering the phone using their name instead of my own or making everyone jump in the air and do heel clicks, etc, etc, etc. Now my poor roommates have an extra day to deal with things like that. Holla!!

11.) It is a good conversation starter. If I am talking to someone and the convo is getting a little dull....I can just whip out the ole "I only work four days a week...yep...for ten hours a day." People always have something interesting to say to that....or not.

12.) I am one of the first people at work and one of the last people to leave. It makes me look like a super hard worker. Plus I get to know the night cleaning crew and the security officer. Plus in the morning I get to tell people many a time that no...I still don't drink coffee, so I still didn't make the coffee. Plus I get to turn off people's lights at night when they jet out and are so stoked they forget to do it themselves....jealous again, aren't you. :)

13.) Mostly I just love it a lot. It'll be hard to switch back to that other nonsense one day.

14.) OH PS....I love that working these hours helps me to miss "rush hour." I know, I know...I live in a booming metropolis (wait...we are talking about Nebraska, right?!) really, rush hour is not that's like waiting for 6 cars ahead of me...but working at odd hours definitely cuts it down to like 3 cars ahead. It lessens the rage of the road....road rage.

[ 15.) I want a bike. ]

Out like trout.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guest Dr. Juntunen

The blog tonight is brought to you by the city of Chicago...mostly, my old college roommate, Tamry Jacquese Juntunen. She is a wise listen up....

01. Theresa used to be my college roommate. I’m trying to talk her into being my roommate again. I think my foot’s in the door.

02. It’s nice to have someone understand why I always pull my pants up before sitting down.

03. Theresa promised to make a birdcage out of Popsicle sticks and give it to me. I just wanted to publish that promise. =)

04. My nephew is really cute. Theresa agrees.

05. Ask Theresa to wear her blow up suit and do a special dance. She’ll do it. You’ll love it.

06. I love Theresa because she patiently re-alphabetizes name cards after I mess them up.

07. If you find you are having trouble in love, contact Starrmony. Theresa worked many a miracle through that company in college.

08. She has many nicknames...Mother Goose...Torrida....T.Starr...T-Diddy...There’s a Starr...

09. Theresa’s signature dance move is my favorite. Ask her to show you.

10. These mashed potatoes are so creamy.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bringing Sexy Back

Welp. It's the end of the month of February and I haven't blogged yet. So....I thought I'd break down ten random thoughts...per usual. Onward and upward...

1.) I want to be friends with Madea. She is hilarious. Thank you Tyler Perry for this joy in my life. Here is a quote as to why I laugh so dang hard at her....(not my favorite quote of hers...but a good one)
Madea: I remember this dude made me so mad, I didn't even know how mad I was until I went to his funeral.
Helen: Why were you so mad at him?
Madea: Because he hit me. Yes he hit me... and I didn't even know how mad I was until I saw him in his casket, he's 8 feet under.
Myrtle: 6 feet, that's how they bury people, Madea, 6 feet under.
Madea: That's what I'm trying to say, I thought I was over what he did to me until I saw him at the funeral, I was so mad I BEAT HIM DOWN 2 more feet.

2.) I got in trouble at work the other day... I invented a game called "Umbrella Ball" it's basically playing baseball but using an umbrella as the bat and a hacky sack as the ball. Maybe I have taken one to many lessons from Michael Scott. ( was fun...just saying.)

3.) Sometimes being a girl is rough...I know it is rough when I am watching a show called "Undercover Boss" and it is about White Castle burgers...and it makes me start tearing up. I mean...REALLY? Dang it... hormones.

4.) I already wrote about this on facebook but I think it needs to be talked about again. My dad was reading this article about blogging and it stated that "Blogging is no longer seen as sexy." And I am just really in awe that at one point blogging was seen as sexy....concerning, I think yes.

5.) I do not sit up or stand up straight and now have somewhat of a hunch in my back and I have found that it is really a blessing in disguise. You see after watching the bobsledding on the olympics I have realized that those bobsledders have to really hunch way now I know I will be a great bobsledder. Definitely gives me reason to believe I'll be in the olympics soonish.

6.) You know it's been a way-to-cold-winter when it gets about 40 degrees outside and I see people in shorts outside or I see everyone with no coats on or I see people outside playing frisbee. Mother Nature definitely won this winter, but made us all a bit tougher in the long run...and she made us all a bunch of complainers. Go her.

7.) I had the flu this month. Worst 2 days of my life. Shannon had been begging me to take a sick day and hang out with her...well her wish came true, but to bad we both had the stomach flu the same day. It was HORRIBLE! The only thing that made me feel good was stepping on the scale the next day and seeing I was 7 pounds bad that only lasted for that day.

8.) I love Easter candy....LOVE!

9.) Someone told me a while back..."You remind me of the preacher on Jerry Springer." Is that a compliment?

10.) If I get money back from my taxes...I kind of want to get a metal detector. I know...I know. Weird. But when I find something really cool with'll be the jealous one.

11.) I am going to Chicago in a few weeks. HOLLA!!!! I am pretty darn stoked to see how that leaves. I am going to repeatedly say..."This really is the windy city" and see how many times people correct me and tell me the real reason it's called the windy city.

Alright. Sexy.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Michael Scott

So. Today was a day I was not prepared for. My boss...left. She moved on to a bigger and better job and just left me high and dry. It's a definite no bueno for me, but props to her for sure. I am sure she is just livin' the dream. I'm not trying to be dramatic here...well, perhaps a little bit, for blogging's sake but she is probably the coolest boss I will ever have until I am my own boss and then I will outrank her coolness in my own life. I am sure I will continue to have some good supervisors...but she rocks. That's all.

Ten reasons why she is legit:

1.) When I told her about "talk like a pirate day" she insisted we have our own pirate day and all dress up for it and she continued to hang a pirate flag in her office until today.

2.) When I left my computer on one day she emailed me some random message about how my computer had been breached and if it happened again she would be sending notes to specific people in the office telling them I was in love with them.

3.) I informed her that as a team goal we were all going to try and learn to run down the hall, jump up and click our heels in the air. A day later I reminded her of the goal and she took off running and did the heel click...all in high heels. Now that's some serious talent. She'd make it in the olympics if they had heel clicking.

4.) She taught me the truth about careful what you don't know what you're co-workers kitchens look like. Hilarious...but true.

5.) When I talk to her about the show "Modern Family" and start laughing so hard I am crying....she politely smiles and laughs with me (or at me). And then tells me her favorite part of the previous episode.

6.) For boss' day we all wore shirts with her face on it and it said "Our Boss Rocks"...well, she asked me if I could wear that shirt next time I went to the LDS temple because then she could say she has been inside. (She's Catholic). Talk about good reasoning skills.

7.) She's one of those people that you can give her any subject and she can tell a hilarious story regarding it....I only aspire to be that talented and that funny.

8.) She performs Michael Jackson dance moves in the that takes some mad skills. Holla.

9.) She goes on adventures with to the Governor's house... The adventures always turn into a really great story too mostly because of her stellar talent for one liners.

10.) She's pretty great at reading my looks esp. the one when I am about to freak out because a co-worker is bugging me....dang she's good at de-escalating me. So funny.

11.) You know she told me once..."I mean you guys are a great at your job, but it's not like I can't find people to replace you." So. When she told me she was leaving...guess which quote I used on her? Ba ha ha.

12.) She let me make a powerpoint about everyone in the team that had 2 truths and a lie and then hung it on her wall...even when people walked in and looked at with mass amounts of confusion! That takes confidence.

13.) When she almost lost her finger from a freak accident she taught me some mad "finger physical therapy" skills.

I'm tired, but mucho gracias to her for being dang awesome. Go team...or my old team.


Now for some quotes from Michael Scott on "The Office"....

I guess the atmosphere that I've tried to create here is that I'm a friend first and a boss second, and probably an entertainer third.

Remember when people used to say "boss" when they were describing something really cool. Like, "those shoulder pads are really boss man." "Look at that perm, that perm is so boss!" It's what made me want to become a boss. And I looked so good in a perm and shoulder pads. But now, boss is just slang, for jerk in charge.