Friday, January 22, 2010

Michael Scott

So. Today was a day I was not prepared for. My boss...left. She moved on to a bigger and better job and just left me high and dry. It's a definite no bueno for me, but props to her for sure. I am sure she is just livin' the dream. I'm not trying to be dramatic here...well, perhaps a little bit, for blogging's sake but she is probably the coolest boss I will ever have until I am my own boss and then I will outrank her coolness in my own life. I am sure I will continue to have some good supervisors...but she rocks. That's all.

Ten reasons why she is legit:

1.) When I told her about "talk like a pirate day" she insisted we have our own pirate day and all dress up for it and she continued to hang a pirate flag in her office until today.

2.) When I left my computer on one day she emailed me some random message about how my computer had been breached and if it happened again she would be sending notes to specific people in the office telling them I was in love with them.

3.) I informed her that as a team goal we were all going to try and learn to run down the hall, jump up and click our heels in the air. A day later I reminded her of the goal and she took off running and did the heel click...all in high heels. Now that's some serious talent. She'd make it in the olympics if they had heel clicking.

4.) She taught me the truth about careful what you don't know what you're co-workers kitchens look like. Hilarious...but true.

5.) When I talk to her about the show "Modern Family" and start laughing so hard I am crying....she politely smiles and laughs with me (or at me). And then tells me her favorite part of the previous episode.

6.) For boss' day we all wore shirts with her face on it and it said "Our Boss Rocks"...well, she asked me if I could wear that shirt next time I went to the LDS temple because then she could say she has been inside. (She's Catholic). Talk about good reasoning skills.

7.) She's one of those people that you can give her any subject and she can tell a hilarious story regarding it....I only aspire to be that talented and that funny.

8.) She performs Michael Jackson dance moves in the that takes some mad skills. Holla.

9.) She goes on adventures with to the Governor's house... The adventures always turn into a really great story too mostly because of her stellar talent for one liners.

10.) She's pretty great at reading my looks esp. the one when I am about to freak out because a co-worker is bugging me....dang she's good at de-escalating me. So funny.

11.) You know she told me once..."I mean you guys are a great at your job, but it's not like I can't find people to replace you." So. When she told me she was leaving...guess which quote I used on her? Ba ha ha.

12.) She let me make a powerpoint about everyone in the team that had 2 truths and a lie and then hung it on her wall...even when people walked in and looked at with mass amounts of confusion! That takes confidence.

13.) When she almost lost her finger from a freak accident she taught me some mad "finger physical therapy" skills.

I'm tired, but mucho gracias to her for being dang awesome. Go team...or my old team.


Now for some quotes from Michael Scott on "The Office"....

I guess the atmosphere that I've tried to create here is that I'm a friend first and a boss second, and probably an entertainer third.

Remember when people used to say "boss" when they were describing something really cool. Like, "those shoulder pads are really boss man." "Look at that perm, that perm is so boss!" It's what made me want to become a boss. And I looked so good in a perm and shoulder pads. But now, boss is just slang, for jerk in charge.