Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old School

Well. In a few is my 26th birthday. I'm getting old. I'm okay with that I suppose. Anyway, my 25th year was fun times so I decided to blog 25 things that made this year exciting....

In no particular order....

1.) I took a fat trip to Utah...ten days to be exact. Melissa came with me and her and I didn't fight the ENTIRE trip....that was 25 years in the making. It was super legit. Saw lots of friends and weddings and utah hair and drove through the whole dang state.

2.) I got a sweet Bike!! It just rides so dang smooth. Such a beauty.

3.) I babysat my foster niece, Baby D, for a week. She was 6 weeks old at the time. Wowzers that was a wild ride. But it was same dang good birth control. :)

4.) I moved away from the parents and moved in with Shannon and Sadie. They are some serious fun to live with. I love living with a small child (that I am not really responsible for...ha ha). The fact that when I leave Sadie says, "Peace out Homie..." rocks my world. Also, Shannon is legit to live with...check out the blog Melissa and I made for

5.) I went to the wedding of 2 of my homies. JJ and Shane. Very beautiful wedding in October. I would also like to point out that I helped matchmake them. I love setting people up. Hit me up if you need a hook up.

6.) I went to my first HUSKER GAME!!!! I know, I know....pathetic...I've lived in Nebraska my whole stinkin life and just went to one....but it was SO SO SO SO much fun. I sure do love me some Huskers. Go team. Go....whatever conference we play in.

7.) I switched up my schedule at work and started working ten hour days on Tues-Fri. Very wise decision. I love having Mondays off to play and get chores done. 3 day weekends are superb and I recommend them to one and all. Heck, maybe this next year I can work out 4 day weekends. Jokes.

8.) I was the maid of honor in my friend, Brittani's wedding to Ry Guy. I don't do the whole get dressed up and be proper thang very well but luckily Brit was pretty low key style with me so it all worked out well and she had a beautiful wedding and reception. Although, for future reference I do not make the best Maid of was raining madness after the wedding and I straight up left for the reception without staying for pics in that rain...whoops. lol.

9.) I hit 2 years at work. TWO YEARS. That seems like forever and a day to me...but everyone else has worked there for years and years and I guess I am still green. Nothing like being the youngest at work and therefore having 14 mothers. I could make a whole blog on just the advice they give me daily....unreal.

10.) I lost some weight...maybe 1 pound, maybe 400 pounds...but either way, it was good for me.

11.) I went on some dates...maybe 1 date, maybe 400 dates...but either way, it was good for ha ha.

12.) I moved into a sweet house with Shannon and Sadie. And Melissa came and joined us. It is super nice and give us plenty of space so we aren't always up in each other's bidness. And now we even have a trampoline in the backyard...WHAT WHAT. So fun.

13.) I won march madness at work. I wish I could pretend like this was some amazing feat due to my wonderful abilities but was way good guessing on my part. Either way, it was fun and made all that basketball nonsense a little more entertaining at the office.

14.) I helped share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with some people. I love the good news of Christ and I think this is a message that can change lives and people for the BEST. I am always grateful to God when He lets me be a part of His great work. I couldn't seriously ask for more. I love love LOVE it. Want to know more....

15.) I became part of the "Party Planning Committee" at may or may not, but probably was, self-appointed. Good times...esp the Pirate Day at work. ARGGGHHHH Matey.

16.) I had surgery on my lazy eye. It's still a bit lazy, but not nearly as bad. So less headaches, and less confusion when I talk to people and they can't figure out if I am looking at them or someone else. Although, I do miss the all the lazy eye jokes I used to make.

17.) I was a guest on Oprah.... ok ok, that was a lie.

17 take two.) I got a side job of selling boiled eggs to my co worker. This may seem more unbelievable than the Oprah one...but it is TRUTH. Every day...I give her 2 boiled eggs and she gives me some jump change. (Thank you Shannon for the Egg Genie 'as seen on tv'....makes the eggs perfecto.)

18.) I took an awesome trip with the parents, Melissa, and some extended familia to Caneel Bay...the Virgin Islands. It was AMAZING!!! I dream dream DREAM of going back. I loved it to the max. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Loved eating seafood (as one can imagine...Nebraska does not have a claim to fame in this) and also loved snorkeling all the live long day and seeing what is Under The Sea....under the sea.

19.) I took a vacation to Chi-town for Hauserpie's wedding. Her wedding/reception was STELLAR and it was fun to hang out with my old roomie, Tam. Also, I got to see the river dyed green for St. Patty's day which was really cool.

20.) I walked a 5K. Not to shabby. Wish I had been wearing better socks though. Enough said.

21.) I had my first roller derby experience. No, I am not in the roller derby, but I am now an official roller derby roadie wanna-be. (is there such a thing) This is perhaps, my new sport of choice. It is fun and exciting and vibrant.

22.) I had a adventuresome Thanksgiving. I got Tamry to fly into Vegas the same day I did and we traveled up to Cedar City to join Tina and her family and our other college friends for Thanksgiving. Super SUPER fun. All I can say is..."You're okay, but I'm a little squished..."
22b.) we also traveled up the mountain so that Jeff and his pops could cut down their own Christmas Tree. Obviously, never have done that before, apparently we don't have mountains in Nebraska.

23.) I found my way to the Omaha airport all by myself....thank you Mr. Garmin. Ok ok, so not that thrilling but I am running out of options here.

24.) I made it the whole year without watching any twilight/new moon crap. I had to dodge it quite a bit but I did it. SUCCESS!!!

25.) Mostly during this last year I just LIVED THE DREAM!!! That's my catch phrase and it works because I just live it up...or try to...or pretend to. It was a stellar year. I hope this one rocks just as much.

Onward and Upward...
The old school T Starr.