Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Round 2 of usage...

I did this on a facebook thingy....made for an easy blog but it is way more than ten things....

25-er about T.

My 25 random factoids…

1.) I once worked for wal-mart as a cashier…I thought it’d be funny and make for some good stories… turns out it wasn’t that funny after all.

2.) I sometimes still wear a sweatshirt that I got in the 9th grade….talk about old school.

3.) I didn’t like math class until the day I figured out my name (Theresa Starr…why would you read this if you didn’t know my name?) Anyway…. Figured out it spells…There’s a Starr….thank you math class for enlightening my mind.

4.) I believe in giving anyone and everyone a nickname.

5.) I am not a big fan of basically 2 things…liars and people with Utah Hair and by “not a big fan” I mean…”hate it with a passion.”

6.) I am big into texting people but surprisingly didn’t miss it on my mission at all.

7.) People often tell me I am a “gangsta” and I do not understand why…seriously.

8.) I would rather go on a vacation and visit my friends around the United States then leave the country on some random trip.

9.) I am not into fashion….but I do love to buy random shoes and watches.

10.) A man spit on me and yelled at me about “What has Jesus ever done for him” when I was on the mission….

11.) My favorite holiday is Easter. I think it is amazing. AND I am excited for it already. Sign me up.

12.) I dislike driving. I refused to get my drivers license until I was a senior in high school. And to make matters worse I have absolutely no sense of direction.

13.) If I could live in the State Capitol building, I’d do it.

14.) In high school my mom would tell me to go do my homework and instead I would sit in my sisters room and practice making balloon animals.

15.) As a child I thought I would be on Oprah or American Gladiators…I practiced for both.

16.) My mission changed me in so many ways….but most people can’t tell. All I know is that I will forever be a different person and that I think the Gospel is the coolest thing in my life….even cooler than the wii.

17.) I was named after my Grandma…Gretchen Theresa Daub Starr. I was almost named Gretchen and then I’d have to be G-Unit instead of T-Diddy.

18.) I had a lazy eye as a child and then I had surgery and it went away…well then when I was like 18 it started coming back…I was embarrassed at first and my mom made fun of it one time and it hurt my feelings so I made her give me 20 bucks for my forgiveness. I was/am a punk to the max.

19.) I think Busch Gardens in Virginia is one of the most amazing places in the world.

20.) My favorite number is negative zero.

21.) I clipped coupons out of the paper last night mostly for my co-worker that asked for some…turns out I love it and made piles of coupons for family members…they didn’t care.

22.) I am pretty good at match making and fashion consulting even though I am not married and am not fashionable. I can work wonders on other people.

23.) I wanted to be a cowboy when I was a small child.

24.) I had some pretty intense hair going on as a child…at one point I had a “rat’s tail” that would often be braided. I also had super duper short hair and people mistook me for a boy. I only trust 2 people with my hair now…Kevin and Terri.

25.) I love playing ski-ball….I would go to chuck-e-cheese by myself and risk looking like a pedophile just to play that game.

Congrats…you made it.

The end,

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blast from the freaking past...

I still have not put the pics from my recent trip on the computer yet. Slacker face...I know! But I was looking through some of the old pics I have on here...mostly from a couple years ago and I am going to pick ten random ones for my blog tonight.

That is an outfit I randomly wore to family home evening college. I looked real good. It's no wonder they called me "T-Diddy." (Thanks to Lexy for helping me out with this outfit).

That's my pops...looking mighty fine. I got that beanie as a gift for Christmas and he went ahead (no pun intended) and put it on. Dang it I love it.

Just my gals and I laughing real hard because Tina refused to be the short one in the pictures so she stood on that chair and was a giant. Oh man. Good times.

I put a four square court in our living room in our apartment...thank you duck tape. It took some bribing (of otter pops) to get people to come and play but once they realized how awesome it was...we played all the time. This is just one night of doubles four square. Who needed a wii when you had this kind of homemade fun?

This is a random pic of the familia minus me. My niece is pounding it back with that bottle. Catherine and Nate are see and Melissa is trying to get away from it. My parents just sit with such proud faces of their posterity....yah...right.

This picture freaks me out. It's my friend Scott. He's hilarious but this pic is just freaky. This is what we do to pass the time at weddings sometimes.

This looks like a really happy group of friends (which it totally was) but all I remember about this day is that I had the flu and was mad that I didn't get to enjoy all the food Tina made and that I had to go to my institute graduation sick. But the next day at my college graduation I was feeling better and I broke the flu fast with See's that makes it all better. Bless Mrs. See's Candies.

My roomie, Lexy, and I had a daily adventure together...well, I asked her to climb on top of Tracy's car for one adventure...she did it willingly and then proceeded to dance around. It's a wonder we didn't have more friends. I could write a book about our daily adventures though.

This was Halloween back in the day. All my roomies were a different kind of cereal...and I was a "cereal" killer. Ha-freaking-larious. Or so we thought. We did not win the best group costume. Shocker.

It was the winter olympics....and I wanted to take part in the opening ceremonies so I rode my scooter around the parking lot and held this flame up! Tender.

Well, that was entertaining for me. Oh the memories.

Until the next time....