Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bike Helmet

So. Today I bought a bike. I once had a pretty sweet bike (pre-mission years). I got it the summer before college, I think?! I also am a firm believer in bike helmets. So when I got that bike...I got a helmet. I could write as to why I am a believer in helmets, but another time, another place. (Just ask Melissa...she is a P.T. and I am sure she could tell you horror stories of traumatic brain injuries of people without bike helmets.) Anyway, that bike I had pre-mish got stolen while I was on the mission. So for a while I have wanted a new one. So today I got one. SWEET! But now I can't find the ole bike helmet. Busted. (Don't worry...I will get one). I was looking for the helmet today and I was looking in a random bin from college...the bin I like to call "my toy bin." Well, it flooded back a bunch of college memories. (I know, I know...a toy bin...from college. It's just how I roll.) There is a quote that says, "A man that lives in the past doesn't live at all." I have thought about that a lot. I try to live in the here and now, but I wlll say this.... I loved (LOVED) my college years. I found quite the extended family. I met people that became instant and life-long friends. I feel blessed to the max for my experience in college. I have the BEST memories of things that occurred. I loved it. I love the people and am grateful that they are still a part of my life. They have influenced and changed me for the better. They have supported me and well...told me to shut up when being stupid. They are real people....and that makes it sincere. Anyway, mushy stuff aside. The "toy bin" made me think of memories from the dorm days...aka my first year of college. So I thought I would write down memories of things I recalled and things I don't think I'll forget...but now at least, they are written down regardless of my memory.

The break down....10 random memories from a gazillion memories of dorm days. (I would like to point out that I have much of that year documented on film. I am pretty darn sure we could have been our own reality tv show.)

1.) Eryn realizing that cinder block walls were not sound proof. "What do you mean they aren't sound proof? You can hear all this?" (This was before she moved into my room...dang elephants.)

2.) Liz pulling Reenie back when everyone was running to hide in bedrooms because they thought we were about to get busted again.

3.) The mole hair found in the mashed potatoes at the cafeteria. Sick. Seriously. Sick.

4.) Timmy prank calling people as Ming-Na selling friendship bracelets and Mama J really ordering a friendship bracelet.

5.) Tina having her tv remote control velcroed to the wall so we wouldn't lose it.

6.) Everyone having their own specific dance move... "That B. stole my move"

7.) The "Chewey Cox" group walking around Vegas...trying to stay together.

8.) The parade down the hall...the scooter, the unicycle, the bike and then finally the vacuum being the "pooper scooper" so we didn't break the rules and leave marks on the carpet from the scooter.

9.) Realizing the final week that we lived in the dorms that the middle shower stall actually DID work.

10.) "I'm your host, Christina Collinwood"

11.) Tex and Mikey's workout.

12.) Pep!

13.) Someone stealing Piggy. I'm still ticked about that one. Although, it might have been Senior's snake that had gotten loose.
13b.) A question? Why was it like a freaking pet shop in there...we had a bunny, a dog, a snake, fish, etc etc etc.

14.) The "For the Love" and baseball charts. Such beautiful wall decorations in my room.

15.) Diehl's Dino voice....when he did it to Mikey. Bad news bears for sure.

16.) Newman Duncan at Juniper Hell...I mean Hall.

17.) All 30 of us walking to dinner together and putting our gum on the "gum pole." What was wrong with us?

Ok, well, obviously I could go on forever. This post was definitely for me. Anyway, I really rather enjoy my new bike.

Back to here and now.
T. Diddy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monday vs. Friday

So. I work. (uh...). I used to work the normal Monday to Friday 8-5, an hour lunch dealio. It was nice and all, but then I got the opportunity to work a new schedule and this is it...Tuesday to Friday, 7:30 am to 6 pm, with a half hour lunch. I decided against the more normal of the 4/10 schedule...Mon-Thurs. Now I will tell you ten reasons why I prefer my new schedule as I had a reminder when a couple weeks ago I worked a Monday so I could leave town early that week. (details, details...).

So here it goes...

1.) Nobody really likes work on Mondays. People are not super stoked to be there. I miss all that drama. By the time Tuesday rolls around everyone has resigned themselves to the drudgery of work. So, onward and upward.

2.) Because I work the other 4/10 shift, I get to work on Friday...which is JEANS day. That is a legit enough reason right there. I love wearing me some jeans to much more comfy. So if I had worked 4/10 M-Th, I would have missed that props to jean day.

3.) I think this is rather obvious, but it must be said...3 day weekends. Two is better than one or so they say...therefore I will say that three must be better than two.

4.) At work, I open mail. Please, refrain from being jealous. I actually don't mind it. I get to use this sweet little mail opener and well...for some reason, it gives me a since of pirate power. what... Anyway, I don't love it THAT much though....and Monday has the most I guess that's a perk. A weak perk, but a perk.

5.) I like that I only get a half hour lunch. I know, that seems a tad bit odd, but just hear me out...(or me out)... when I had an hour lunch I would often find myself in the break room sitting on a couch falling into a deep sleep. Then I would start snoring...and well, that'd be embarrassing when I would wake up and see everyone else staring at me because apparently my snoring had caught their attention as well. So there you go.
5b.) Sometimes it's hard to have a short lunch because then I can't go out to lunch with people...but look. I save calories and money. So that rocks.

6.) Working 4/10s has saved me a lot of vacation time usage. I still get to go on trips while using less vacation time...isn't that like the best mathematical equation thingy ever?!

7.) I no longer get the dreaded SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES!!! I used to get these real bad style on Sunday nights. I would dread the weekend getting over and heading back to el work-o. But on Mondays I do so many chores and run around all day that by the end of the day, I am ready to go back to work and get my trabajo groove on.

8.) A superb reason that I love having Mondays off is that I get to take a wicked awesome institute class by Bishop Barrera. He teaches with the class and style of a pro-golfer. So it works out.

9.) For 6 hours of my work week I don't have to say "Child Welfare & Juvenile Services. This is Theresa." over the tele. Now don't get me wrong...I can hold my own on the tele, but it is nice to know that for a few minutes every day I don't have to be interrupted 15 times just to get one thing done by the phone. I guess the multitasking-interruption part is swell training if I am ever a mom...or an ER doctor.

10.) How about this reason... it gives my co workers a day off from my umbrella ball or paperclip necklaces or answering the phone using their name instead of my own or making everyone jump in the air and do heel clicks, etc, etc, etc. Now my poor roommates have an extra day to deal with things like that. Holla!!

11.) It is a good conversation starter. If I am talking to someone and the convo is getting a little dull....I can just whip out the ole "I only work four days a week...yep...for ten hours a day." People always have something interesting to say to that....or not.

12.) I am one of the first people at work and one of the last people to leave. It makes me look like a super hard worker. Plus I get to know the night cleaning crew and the security officer. Plus in the morning I get to tell people many a time that no...I still don't drink coffee, so I still didn't make the coffee. Plus I get to turn off people's lights at night when they jet out and are so stoked they forget to do it themselves....jealous again, aren't you. :)

13.) Mostly I just love it a lot. It'll be hard to switch back to that other nonsense one day.

14.) OH PS....I love that working these hours helps me to miss "rush hour." I know, I know...I live in a booming metropolis (wait...we are talking about Nebraska, right?!) really, rush hour is not that's like waiting for 6 cars ahead of me...but working at odd hours definitely cuts it down to like 3 cars ahead. It lessens the rage of the road....road rage.

[ 15.) I want a bike. ]

Out like trout.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guest Dr. Juntunen

The blog tonight is brought to you by the city of Chicago...mostly, my old college roommate, Tamry Jacquese Juntunen. She is a wise listen up....

01. Theresa used to be my college roommate. I’m trying to talk her into being my roommate again. I think my foot’s in the door.

02. It’s nice to have someone understand why I always pull my pants up before sitting down.

03. Theresa promised to make a birdcage out of Popsicle sticks and give it to me. I just wanted to publish that promise. =)

04. My nephew is really cute. Theresa agrees.

05. Ask Theresa to wear her blow up suit and do a special dance. She’ll do it. You’ll love it.

06. I love Theresa because she patiently re-alphabetizes name cards after I mess them up.

07. If you find you are having trouble in love, contact Starrmony. Theresa worked many a miracle through that company in college.

08. She has many nicknames...Mother Goose...Torrida....T.Starr...T-Diddy...There’s a Starr...

09. Theresa’s signature dance move is my favorite. Ask her to show you.

10. These mashed potatoes are so creamy.