Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miss Thang.

Yesterday was my friend Sheena's birthday. So here is top ten reasons I love Sheena....

1.) Before we were even friends Sheena's apartment was across the parking lot from ours and she could see in our window and see us dancing around and acting like fools, but she still took the chance to become friends with us....even after seeing me scooter around in a bright orange sweatshirt and bright orange hardhat on.

2.) Sheena has utah hair, but she still lets me tease her about it. And she be looking dang good with her utah hair.

3.) I sent Sheena a Nebraska Hoodie that apparently still has the electronic security tag thingy on it (I wondered why I beeped when I left the store...I swear I didn't steal it) and she still wears it. She says..."I just move it over when it is bugging me."

4.) Sheena lets me call her "Miss Thang"...that's a story for another time, another place and mainly I remember being embarrassed by it which is why I don't tell it. :)

5.) Sheena knows how to locate "special water." (Remember that Tina?)

6.) Sheena updates my blog backgrounds which is why I thought she definitely deserved a blog.

7.) Sheena tries to help me lose weight by trying to break my entire leg off once with the car. Unreal.

8.) She has this amazing turkey dance she does when she sees a whole raw is comparable with Michael Jackson's dancing.

9.) She drove to Nebraska with me one summer....she asked questions the entire time (none of which I knew the answer to), won my family over, beat me at basketball on my own turf, ate all the fudge in Nauvoo, hit a homer at the Field of Dreams place, got lost in the State Capitol building, etc. etc. etc. It's always exciting to have her around.

10.) She used to let me bug her all the work, at her house, in TROPIC utah....

11.)She is a grand volleyball coach and player...she can be a bit feisty. It's good times to watch.

12.) She loves her family hardcore style and is definitely the favorite aunt of everyone.

13.) Bless her heart, she thinks the Yankees are amazing. We just try to overlook that one.

14.) She has the friends TV show memorized. I mean to the max... memorized.

15.) I really look up to Sheena because I have seen her grow and change over the last few years. She has always been really awesome, but she just impresses me more and more as I see her always striving to become better and follow the Lord. She has an amazing testimony and spirit which always pump me up and make me happy to be around her. She has great advice and is great at being a friend.

So happy birthday to you Sheen!!!!