Tuesday, May 3, 2011

game on

my life as of late:

1.) Ludafish died. We got a new fish...Sunshineeeeee (as said on the movie Remeber the Titans)...new fish died. We are now a fishless house as for now...

2.) Easter Candy has ruined my life in the best way possible. I love it and I ate a lot of it...a stinking lot!

3.) I decided to stop blogging...apparently, it's only part way working.

4.) I went to Les Miserables. Um. Seriously. I am in L-O-V-E with it. So wonderful...

5.) I got hit by a car as I was crossing a crosswalk...no for reals. It's a pretty good story.

6.) I am not addicted to Glee...it often makes me unrelatable to people in my age group.

7.) Becoming the relief society president for the singles ward has been a wild ride...mostly for the bishop.

8.) I tried to learn how to speak southern from my aunt and uncle...I failed miserably but learned a new phrase from my uncle..."The Pig's whistle" it means something is really legit.

9.) I got all crafty... I tied bows on these little bags for Relief Society and I helped sew Melissa's tshirt quilt.
9...take two.) by "helped sew" I mean I did like 5 -7.293 inches and it was totally not straight at all and well...I blame the lazy eye.

10.) I rode an elephant from the circus when it was in town...okay, that's a lie but I wish it was true.

11.) I lived the dream a lot of the time...

onward and upward. -t.