Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mama J

(Sheena....I love the background....I love EASTER....love love love it)

Today, March 31st, is my mom's bday! Happy birthday to her. My friend just asked me if she is turning 29 again...I said yes....but it is odd seeing how that is the age my eldest sister will also be turning this year. We work wonders in this family.

Top ten about Mama J....

1.) I love Mama J because she lets me call her "Joyce" when I see fit. Over the years when people have heard me call her this they have yelled at me but she never gets upset and always tells them that I am not disrespecting her...I am just keeping it real and using her name.

2.) Mama J rocks the house because she once slept folded up somehow on a little ole hospital couch when I was there for a week after kidney surgery. Now that's love.

3.) Mama J is stellar because she takes time to watch "Murder, She Wrote" most weeknights....to dedicate time to Jessica Fletcher is some real charity....cuz we all know that Jessica Fletcher is the real serial murderer...seeing how everywhere she goes a murder happens.

4.) Mama J is rad because she has a Southern accent which gets esp. thick around other Southerners.....and she starts "Cutting the lights and mashing the buttons"

5.) Mama J is numero uno because she lets me sign her up for random things like facebook even though she has absolutely no idea what it is and how to get back on it. 

6.) Mama J is gnarly because she makes a mean pizza pan cookie which is famous around this joint (and also makes a mean can of soup....sometimes leaving out the water and making it extra salty....oh man.... delicious or something like unto it)

7.) Mama J is fun because her text messages areallconnectedtogether because she doesn't know how to separate the words.

8.) Mama J is awesome because she is a grandma and her grand kiddos LOVE her and always want to sit by HER at the dinner table. 

9.) Mama J is superb because she is a smart thinker....for example...when I learned how to drive she took me to a cemetery to practice cuz the people are already dead. Now that's some thinking.

10.) Mama J is adorable because she will sing songs like "baby cuz I'm a thug" just to show how cool and with it she is. :) ha ha. 

11.) Mama J is the best because she is a good mom and wife and friend and neighbor and church member and physical torturer....uh...I mean therapist....etc etc etc.

Happy bday mama J.