Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A month later...still random as ever's been a month.

This is what I know...

1.) If you live in Nebraska...and it is cold outside...and the only thing you have in your car is a Virginia Tech hoodie....and the Huskers have just lost 2 days ago to Tech in football by one point....JUST BE COLD!!! Do not and I repeat DO NOT wear the VT hoodie....unless you like death threats/evil eyes/ people avoiding you/etc. I thought people avoided me when I was a missionary and trying to talk to them about Jesus no...this takes the cake for people avoiding you.

2.) I saw a commercial for a dating website... it is supposed to be for "sophisticated" folk...then they told me it was called "!" I have a hard time believing sophistication is the winning attribute of this site.

3.) Taking the time at work to try and learn how to use the mouse with the other hand does not help you accomplish more. Even if your co worker says it'll help. Logic just wasn't there.

4.) On Friday we are having Pirate day at work. Today I put a treasure chest together at work in honor of it. I feel I accomplished a lot today because of that and I also believe that this could be by far the best day of work yet. Thank you Pirates for making my days the best they can be.

5.) My family went to Virginia. I watched my sister's 6 week old foster baby. She is a cute cute baby. I love her. I loved her at 2 in the am. I loved her when she cried. I loved her when she smiled. I did the loving and now I love being an aunt again. Thank you for that free birth control. (no wasn't that bad...just call me Mother Theresa).

6.) I have recently learned I am a sinner. I am a sinner because apparently it is a SIN to make Ramen Noodles in the microwave....oh my gosh....I didn't know I was supposed to be boiling the water on the stove this whole time. Please forgive me...I know not what I do.... The error of my way has been resolved.

7.) I want to dress up as cocaine for halloween....just dress in all white and carry a razor and a mirror. I think it's a very legit far, I'm the only one feeling this way....but hey...what do you expect, I used to microwave ramen.

8.) On Home Alone 2...kevin gets on an airplane and the dude next to him starts speaking in a different language...French perhaps....anyway, it is still a mystery to me as to what that guy is saying. I would like to may not solve world hunger, but it'd solve one of the biggest mystery's in my life.

9.) Sometimes I say FAN-freaking-TASTIC. It gives a lot of emphasis to how I feel. The other week my friend said and I quote, "FAN-freaking-AMAZING." Not only did it have much more emphasis than what I also confused me...which gave it all the more emphasis. Good work friend...good work. It'll catch'll see.

10.) One of my new goals in life is to have an amazingly average story that I can submit on "" Hopefully it'll happen soonish...emphasis on the ish. If you haven't gone to that it. Laugh out loud (for reals...not the fake LOL's) funny! Love it.

11.) Lastly....this is what I have learned. I need to always keep my phone on silent when I am asleep...or people call and I start talking about my under-roo's and the person on the other line is confused and starts calling me a "white ninja" because what else is there to say. That's embarrassing...not that it happened to me per se... just um... "a friend." Just my phone is on silent at nights now. That's all!

12.) I am a big fan of my family! high fives to all of them. Amen.

good day...i said good day...