Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's freaking freezing.

Well.... I would post some pics from my trip to cedar but i am using the roommate's computer and don't have pics on it. lamesauce huh.

ten thoughts that are random...per usual.

1.) Ok. New tv show that I love. "Pawn Stars" Be careful when you throw that sentence down...many people have given me the stink eye because they think I am saying "Porn Stars." Anyway, Pawn Stars rocks and enforces my desire to own a pawn shop...which I believe I have mentioned in a previous post....it just so happens I am watching/listening to it as I write this blog. It's on the mind.

2.) I was driving by some stores the other day and I saw a store that was offering this special deal..."Buy 1 reader glasses, get 2 free." If that isn't the best deal around town for the holidays...I don't know what is. Needless to say, if you get reader glasses from me for the holidays....don't be shocked. But buy your own book to read.

3.) To continue on with the glasses theme.... the other nite I had a dream where I switched place with this crazy lady's life...I was not concerned about that...what freaked me out was the fact that I now had to wear really big glasses....so big in fact that my eyebrows could now see through them. Thank goodness it was only a dream. Waking up has never felt so good....although, I bet my eyebrows were a little sad.

4.) 2010 is going to be the year of weddings. No joke. I have had like 6 friends tell me they are getting hitched this coming year. I need to buy stock in bed, bath & beyond.

5.) I have a text in my tele in the "drafts" text part that says..."Rub a belly...save a life." If someone could explain to me why that is there I'd really appreciate it. Thanks yo.

6.) Question of the day...why do all dorms smell the same? I walked into one and it suddenly made me feel 18 and I looked around to see if it was "quiet hours." and it WAS. Ugh. I hate quiet hours in the dorms. Dang.

7.) Does anyone remember the show "super market sweep"? Holy crap...I just remembered that show when I was grocery shopping the other day and it made me want to run randomly down the aisles and shove things by the armful into my basket. I didn't have any bail out of jail money on me though...so I didn't do it.

8.) My co-worker said the other day..."Bless her sweet little brainless heart." I am not sure if you can say that phrase, but I've decided to include it in my vocab...go ahead if you'd like.

9.) My friend asked me the other day..."If Michael Jackson was still alive would you kiss him?" My reply..."No, but I would scratch his back."...What would you do for MJ?

10.) I am not a huge fan of cold weather. It doesn't do a lot of me...but some things I have learned to like this winter... buying boots for walking around in. Drinking some hot cocoa. Trying to chip away at ice with a golf club. Having a random neighbor push my car into the driveway because it got stuck. etc. etc. etc. Trying to live the dream even if I am freezing.

11.) Hey. I am stoked for Christmas. I love being with my family. I love the holiday feeling. I love the musica. I love the long lines at the stores...maybe not. Anyway, I am grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the Savior and His life and His Atonement and Resurrection. It has made all the difference. I am glad we can celebrate the Lord. Yay! Big fan. "Tis the Reason for the Season"...Yes, I said Tis not It's. Just sayin.

Signing off....

Monday, December 21, 2009


OK THIS IS NOT T............



Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanksgiving is here. I am a fan.

A few RANDOM things I am grateful for:

1.) The gap between my two front teeth....one less place for food to get caught in.

2.) Google. That website saves my life at least 4.3984 times a day. And by save my life, I mean it answers a lot of questions I have.

3.)Bobby pin Jenga. It is a game I invented. Sometimes my friends wear a lot A.LOT. of bobby pins in their hair, so I try to take as many out as I can before their hair all falls out. It is a really great game....I feel.

4.) Being able to write on my hand. I know a lot of people think that writing on your hand is tacky...probably because it is tacky. BUT. I remember all sorts of little things by the letters I write on my hand. So it works for me. Although, my niece ALWAYS tells on me when I write on my hand. Dang, I've spent more time in time out for that than anything.

5.) My Fish, Ludacris. He is ONE now. Happy birthday to him.

6.) Deviled eggs. They are delicious. Easy to make. and well...they are stinky...not a positive, but did I mention that they taste good.

7.) Portable DVD players. Tonite my friend, Monkey, came over and I was sitting in my living room with a nice big TV and I was instead watching a DVD on a tiny portable DVD player. She thought that it was odd....it was odd, but it was just as entertaining. So there you go.

8.) People who shop on Black Friday. They are an unique breed. And watching "them" talk today at work about their shopping strategies was pretty dang entertaining. I was in complete awe. More power to them.

9.) Great combos....like Salt & Pepper. Ernie & Bert. Ketchup & Mustard. Frostys & French Fries. Bumpits & Big Hair. Texting & Driving...but hold the texting.

10.) The phrase "I'll tell you when you're older." It gets me out of answering so many questions. Love it.

11.) Going to Cedar City to see friends....doing that tomorrow. Stoked.

Good day. Happy Turkey Day to you!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The eye...the LAZY eye

First and foremost. I missed my post in October. Be mad. Get over it. Be Glad. I am not a fan of the color purple, but the background Sheen put up for October/Halloween was purple and AMAZING. It made me re-think my distrust of purple. It is moving up in the world of colors.

So, last week I had surgery on the lazy eye. Do not stress out. It is still lazy, just not as lazy. It got a work improvement plan, I suppose. Anyway, so a post to the lazy eye.

The benefits of having a lazy eye...

1.) Well, you can look at people (especially good looking men) without them noticing. Basically spying is a breeze.

2.) You can pretend you don't see people (and thus, hear) people talk to/at you. Therefore when the boss has a project to assign, you don't have to do it because um...."Boss, I wasn't even looking at you...were you talking to me?"

3.) You can blog about it when nothing else is exciting enough to blog about.

4.) You can have 2 computer screens at work and feel completely justified....one for each eye.

5.) The peripheral vision creates a whole new world. One time my friend tried to kick me on the bum from the side as we walked...I caught her leg before it hit me and just had to say "Lazy Eye." Did she ever try that again? I think not! The lazy eye is full of protection.

6.) It makes me a statistic. In fact, the kind of thing that happened to my lazy eye happens to only 5% of people with lazy eyes.... The real question is...is that the top 5% or the bottom 5%? Am I an over achiever or under achiever?

7.) Sometimes people can't tell if I am looking at them or not and I say, "I am looking at you...I have a lazy eye." Then, the other person feels embarrassed and for at least 2 minutes, I have their sympathy and can get them to do anything I desire. Dang it...I am not manipulating people. :)

8.) The lazy eye produces random surgeries and therefore I get to sleep for like 4 days straight on crazy drugs without anyone being concerned. (Not the best reason though, let's be honest.)

9.) It gives my Pops and I a special bond....for he has a lazy eye too.

10.) It gives me "character." As if I needed anymore. At first, when the lazy eye came back when I started college, it was embarrassing, but then it became awesomely cool. I will take what I get. Weaknesses become strengths. Just saying.

11.) The following picture is a blackmail picture for sure, but just whatever. It was taken the day after surgery. I was on painkiller drugs, I was looking sick nasty. But that there is the eyes. Beautiful. Holla! *On a side note, I sent this pic to my co-worker to show her the eye and when I went back to work today, a co worker had this picture up as her screen saver. Now, that's love....yah, right. Ha ha.
-T and her Fantastic Eyes.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A month later...still random as ever

Welp...it's been a month.

This is what I know...

1.) If you live in Nebraska...and it is cold outside...and the only thing you have in your car is a Virginia Tech hoodie....and the Huskers have just lost 2 days ago to Tech in football by one point....JUST BE COLD!!! Do not and I repeat DO NOT wear the VT hoodie....unless you like death threats/evil eyes/ people avoiding you/etc. I thought people avoided me when I was a missionary and trying to talk to them about Jesus randomly...no no...this takes the cake for people avoiding you.

2.) I saw a commercial for a dating website... it is supposed to be for "sophisticated" folk...then they told me it was called "Sugardaddie.com!" I have a hard time believing sophistication is the winning attribute of this site.

3.) Taking the time at work to try and learn how to use the mouse with the other hand does not help you accomplish more. Even if your co worker says it'll help. Logic just wasn't there.

4.) On Friday we are having Pirate day at work. Today I put a treasure chest together at work in honor of it. I feel I accomplished a lot today because of that and I also believe that this could be by far the best day of work yet. Thank you Pirates for making my days the best they can be.

5.) My family went to Virginia. I watched my sister's 6 week old foster baby. She is a cute cute baby. I love her. I loved her at 2 in the am. I loved her when she cried. I loved her when she smiled. I did the loving and now I love being an aunt again. Thank you for that free birth control. (no really...it wasn't that bad...just call me Mother Theresa).

6.) I have recently learned I am a sinner. I am a sinner because apparently it is a SIN to make Ramen Noodles in the microwave....oh my gosh....I didn't know I was supposed to be boiling the water on the stove this whole time. Please forgive me...I know not what I do.... The error of my way has been resolved.

7.) I want to dress up as cocaine for halloween....just dress in all white and carry a razor and a mirror. I think it's a very legit idea...so far, I'm the only one feeling this way....but hey...what do you expect, I used to microwave ramen.

8.) On Home Alone 2...kevin gets on an airplane and the dude next to him starts speaking in a different language...French perhaps....anyway, it is still a mystery to me as to what that guy is saying. I would like to know....it may not solve world hunger, but it'd solve one of the biggest mystery's in my life.

9.) Sometimes I say FAN-freaking-TASTIC. It gives a lot of emphasis to how I feel. The other week my friend said and I quote, "FAN-freaking-AMAZING." Not only did it have much more emphasis than what I say...it also confused me...which gave it all the more emphasis. Good work friend...good work. It'll catch on...you'll see.

10.) One of my new goals in life is to have an amazingly average story that I can submit on "mylifeisaverage.com" Hopefully it'll happen soonish...emphasis on the ish. If you haven't gone to that site...do it. Laugh out loud (for reals...not the fake LOL's) funny! Love it.

11.) Lastly....this is what I have learned. I need to always keep my phone on silent when I am asleep...or people call and I start talking about my under-roo's and the person on the other line is confused and starts calling me a "white ninja" because what else is there to say. That's embarrassing...not that it happened to me per se... just um... "a friend." Just my phone is on silent at nights now. That's all!

12.) I am a big fan of my family! high fives to all of them. Amen.

good day...i said good day...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Late in the game but not down and out

This was supposed to be a daily thing but listen...who really wants to know that much about me...honestly. So, about once a month I get on this beast and do it...and man. Can you believe this month is almost OVER! Dang judy time is a flying by... 

So random ten thoughts this time....

1.) I'm pretty sure I almost got beat down at work the other day...you see...my co workers put in a buck each for the Powerball so they could win MILLIONS of dollars. Well, I don't gamble or whatever so I didn't put in a buck and then I preceded to tell them that I hoped they didn't win. They were NOT happy with that. I just knew that if they won that they would all quit their job. I would miss them and I'd be chillin' all alone up in that place. No thank you. 
1b.) One co-worker did tell me she'd pay a months rent for me if she won...so that was kind.

2.) There is a show on TV about pawn shops...I find it way interesting even though I have only watched it once. It makes me want to own a pawn shop. Seems very entertaining... So if anybody is looking for a new business partner/new business....I'm down for pawn shoppage.

3.) I am going to Cedar for turkey day and Tam is coming too. So stoked. I know it's months away but the point is...get excited, cuz I am.

4.) My fish, Ludacris, is getting HUGE.  My dad says he feeds it 5 times a day. I am starting to wonder if my dad is fattening it up for dinner one night. Not acceptable behavior papa...no eating grandfish.

5.)  One thing I miss from college is going to the gym in the middle of the day between classes and watching Ellen while working out.  But I decided that it might be a good thing that this no longer happens because I used to laugh so hard at Ellen's talk show that I would be hunched over on the treadmill laughing hysterically and people oft times thought I was having a work out breakdown...as in "Do I need to call 911."  

6.) Who gets to makes up words like "Shomance" (see urbandictionary.com if confused) 

7.) My sister, Melissa, ran a 3K or something like that...I'm not really sure the number of K's...but I did support her by eating lots of carbs in honor of the event the day before. Yah. I am a rocking nice sister.  But seriously...props to the sister.

8.) My other sister, Catherine, got a new little foster baby. She is like 3 and a half weeks old now. I love her. I will say I love her more than A-1 sauce, simply orange juice, sleeping in...etc. I would say that is a lot of love. Go team. Thank you State of Nebraska for sharing this baby with us...sharing is caring.

9.) "I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so SCARED." If you know what that is from....you win about 82.674 bonus points in my book.  It has been in my head for the past week and I just shake my head and laugh. Oh the good times from TV history.

10.)  The best deal out there these days... A route 44 ice water from Sonic for a quarter.  Listen, they just have the best ice ever. Holla!

11.) Is it a compliment to be told you are like Dwight Schrute? I am gonna just take it as one.  In honor...Dwight Schrute: Yes I have acted before. I was in a production of "Oklahoma!" in the 7th grade. I played the part of Mutey the Mailman. They had too many kids so they made up roles like that. I was good. 

Good day.
T-Starr....ok ok...one more....Dwight Schrute: I think one of the greatest things about modern America is the computerization of medical records. As a volunteer sheriff I can look up anyone's psychiatric records or surgical histories. Yeast infections...there are a huge number of yeast infections in this county. Probably because we're downriver from that old bread factory...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miss Thang.

Yesterday was my friend Sheena's birthday. So here is top ten reasons I love Sheena....

1.) Before we were even friends Sheena's apartment was across the parking lot from ours and she could see in our window and see us dancing around and acting like fools, but she still took the chance to become friends with us....even after seeing me scooter around in a bright orange sweatshirt and bright orange hardhat on.

2.) Sheena has utah hair, but she still lets me tease her about it. And she be looking dang good with her utah hair.

3.) I sent Sheena a Nebraska Hoodie that apparently still has the electronic security tag thingy on it (I wondered why I beeped when I left the store...I swear I didn't steal it) and she still wears it. She says..."I just move it over when it is bugging me."

4.) Sheena lets me call her "Miss Thang"...that's a story for another time, another place and mainly I remember being embarrassed by it which is why I don't tell it. :)

5.) Sheena knows how to locate "special water." (Remember that Tina?)

6.) Sheena updates my blog backgrounds which is why I thought she definitely deserved a blog.

7.) Sheena tries to help me lose weight by trying to break my entire leg off once with the car. Unreal.

8.) She has this amazing turkey dance she does when she sees a whole raw turkey....it is comparable with Michael Jackson's dancing.

9.) She drove to Nebraska with me one summer....she asked questions the entire time (none of which I knew the answer to), won my family over, beat me at basketball on my own turf, ate all the fudge in Nauvoo, hit a homer at the Field of Dreams place, got lost in the State Capitol building, etc. etc. etc. It's always exciting to have her around.

10.) She used to let me bug her all the time...at work, at her house, in TROPIC utah....

11.)She is a grand volleyball coach and player...she can be a bit feisty. It's good times to watch.

12.) She loves her family hardcore style and is definitely the favorite aunt of everyone.

13.) Bless her heart, she thinks the Yankees are amazing. We just try to overlook that one.

14.) She has the friends TV show memorized. I mean to the max... memorized.

15.) I really look up to Sheena because I have seen her grow and change over the last few years. She has always been really awesome, but she just impresses me more and more as I see her always striving to become better and follow the Lord. She has an amazing testimony and spirit which always pump me up and make me happy to be around her. She has great advice and is great at being a friend.

So happy birthday to you Sheen!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh who knows...

Ten random thoughts

1.) I think the show American Gladiators is a classic and one of the most amazing shows to watch. I don't care how I am feeling, if I am flipping through channels and that show comes up...I will stop and watch it for a bit. What is the draw...it's not the spandex, that's for dang sure.

2.) I want to be the subject of  a "would you rather" question. That is a good, quality goal. I don't think it should be to hard seeing how I have a lazy eye.

3.) If the Office was on broadway...I would go see it. Hands down, no questions asked.

4.) Swimsuit shopping and doctors bring out the worst in me....not those two things at the same time...that'd be an interesting combo. Although, they also bring out really really funny stories later.

5.) My pops is a stud. It is fathers day and I really think my dad is super cool. So...not boom roasted to him.

6.) I have learned a really swell skill at work...filling up ink pads without spilling ink on my clothes. That is a resume builder for sure.

7.) I want a truck...only so I can steal random objects out of people's trash piles...people get rid of some dang good stuff. What would I do with...oh, you just wait and see.

8.) How did I end up with 3 free pieces of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory? I don't know but I am not complaining. Score to the max.

9.) My co-worker keeps telling me that I can buy 1500 lady bugs for $6.50. Apparently I look like I need a lot of lady bugs in my life?!?  Confusing...I think, YES!

10.) Confession....I sometimes use a safety pin as a button to hold my pants up. I feel a little whitetrash about it. But I also feel that people around me would rather have my pants up then seeing my whole world so I feel it evens my concerns out.

11.) Some kid told me the other day..."I know how to ride a two wheeler and I'm still five." I feel great about that.  I miss those days. 

12.) Possum's freak me out.  Just absolutely they frighten me esp. at night when they are running around in the area I am walking. Oh man, no bueno...no freakin' bueno.

13.) Using two foot-erized scooters at a time makes things a little hard, but very fun. I'm just lucky I didn't crash. 

Good day, I said Good day...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ms. Matson and I

Well I told Brittani I would blog about the good times we had while she was home. It was an adventure as always. She was only home like 5 days but I am pretty sure we saw each other each day and laughed until we were crying every freaking day.

Here are the top ten that made the list of amazingness....

1.) Well, she did something that no one has been able to get me to do yet....get a pedicure. Yes, I got a pedicure. I had Friday off from work for Arbor Day (gotta love working in Nebraska)...so we decided to hit up that madness. Well, she did not inform me of the rules of pedicure-ness. She did not explain that I shouldn't say "yes" to everything because you end up spending more and more money.... "You want a massage for your legs" "Uh...sure" "You want a design on your toes?" "Um...yah, sounds great." "You want me to...." "Yes. YES! YES!" Good times. I got a pretty stellar design on my toes....Brittani got a tree. I told her she went all out to celebrate Arbor Day.

2.) Brittani introduced me to something called "Car Treats." The idea is to have a treat in the car for when you drive around...hence the name. Brilliant, I know! Well, we put a lot of effort into our car treats...something that wouldn't melt. something we both liked....um...and that was about all the effort needed. By the time Brittani went back to Utah I had bags and bags of jelly beans and sour candy caterpillars. Unreal. Talk about food storage. I could last for months on that stuff.

3.) Churros anyone? We ate our weight in churros. Our weight and 3.5 sumo wrestlers weight.

4.) While we were out on Arbor Day we went to this clothing store where Brittani proceeded to spray perfume on herself. Little did she know it was "old lady" smelling perfume. Needless to say, for the next 2 days I was pretty sure my car was either a nursing home or the Relief Society room in a family ward.

5.) Brittani was picking me up from this apartment complex and she couldn't remember where exactly to go and so we were texting about it and I told her to start just honking and i'd tell text her when she was getting closer. Well off in the distance I just hear a mad amount of random honking and it kept getting closer and closer until sure enough Brittani pulls up and I jump in the middle of the street. Thank goodness for a car horn. They are life savers.

6.) We saw the movie "State of Play" Russell Crowe is in it. The entire time Brittani kept leaning over to me to tell me about Russell Crowe except she called him, "Sheryl Crow" Close enough, eh? Only difference being one spells crow with an E and the other one doesn't.

7.) I almost had to bail Brittani out of jail...ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration. We were at the movie theatre. She decided to try and get in one of the giant movie displays....lucky her...a cop was standing right behind her. He did not approve. We walked out of the theatre....not in handcuffs. Thank goodness. I was just an innocent bystander, of course.

8.) One of my favorite quotes that came out of Brittani while she was home was, "I think I made a bird fall in love with me." We were in the middle of playing a game and she just says it like...no big deal. I look at her in disbelief and she proceeds to impersonate the birds call and sure enough...she sounded like a bird. I guess it was the bird's mating call cuz now the bird sits outside her window and chirps, chirps, chirps at her. Hilarious.

9.) Well Brittani and I are rappers. It's true. The radio kept saying that we should call underaged drinking in to "crimestoppers." Brittani said "Do they pay you?" So we figured if they paid us...we could do it for a full time job. We even came up with a rap for it... "That Crime you best stop or i'm gonna call the cop. I'm gonna shut down your crime even if it for a dime. You best not be drinkin or i'm gonna call crime stoppers in lincoln. Don't think you'll get far cuz we following ya in our car." We thought it was hilarious...but it was 1 in the AM!
10.) I would like to take this time to thank Brittani Danger Matson for helping me learn an important lesson about untying things verse unclipping things. Oh dang...we were a hot mess.
11.) We played with a cute puppy. It was a dot big...my lazy eye couldn't even find it it was so small. We almost stole it but no one was there to bail us outta jail.
That is all. the goodness just kept going and going. I hate when she is away. but dang we had fun.
good day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Random as they come.

Ten things from my life as of late....

1.) I went bowling on Saturday night. I did horrible but I borrowed a small child from someone and I actually bowl better with a baby on the hip. I can't tell you how long I wish I woulda known that...I coulda been a bowling sensation.

2.) I heard someone say this the other day..."He's indian...the dot kind not the feather kind." Can you even say that? Is that even legal?

3.) I have a new appreciation for my friend Meggie. She is deaf in one ear and I have come to find that I like sitting on that side during church because I feel like I can sing the hymns as loud and as proud as I want because she can't hear me. It's kinda faulty reasoning but I'm gonna go with it for now.

4.) The other day my co worker told me she "types as fast as a dead turtle." No other comment needed.

5.) I would like to thank my sister, Melissa, for the wonderful Easter Egg hunt she put on for the small children in the family and by small children I totally mean that I participated in that beast of an activity. It rocked and I won't lie...the lazy eye definitely helps find the most easter eggs.

6.) I have been thinking a lot about this question and have yet to come up with a sufficient answer....insight is welcome. Which is more awkward?....not being able to tell if a child is a boy or a girl OR not being able to tell if a lady is pregnant or not? I have a pro/con list and haven't been able to decide.

7.) Well my niece informed me that I am not an Aunt....apparently I am not a bug. Ant/Aunt. So confusing for a 3 year old.

8.) There is nothing that humbles you like walking down the stairs at an apartment complex singing and dancing to "Sexy Can I" and then missing a step and falling straight down the stairs. I'm not saying it happened to me...I just feel like that would be a humbling experience.

9.) I've never taken super long showers but times a change when you visit my friend Natalie. Their shower curtain is a map of the world. Let me tell you....showering has never been so dang entertaining. I just wanna put that out there in case you need something to spice up showering time. I loved it strong.

10.) This is legit. I support this for reals... www.marchforbabies.org/theduncans
Go team!

good day.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mama J

(Sheena....I love the background....I love EASTER....love love love it)

Today, March 31st, is my mom's bday! Happy birthday to her. My friend just asked me if she is turning 29 again...I said yes....but it is odd seeing how that is the age my eldest sister will also be turning this year. We work wonders in this family.

Top ten about Mama J....

1.) I love Mama J because she lets me call her "Joyce" when I see fit. Over the years when people have heard me call her this they have yelled at me but she never gets upset and always tells them that I am not disrespecting her...I am just keeping it real and using her name.

2.) Mama J rocks the house because she once slept folded up somehow on a little ole hospital couch when I was there for a week after kidney surgery. Now that's love.

3.) Mama J is stellar because she takes time to watch "Murder, She Wrote" most weeknights....to dedicate time to Jessica Fletcher is some real charity....cuz we all know that Jessica Fletcher is the real serial murderer...seeing how everywhere she goes a murder happens.

4.) Mama J is rad because she has a Southern accent which gets esp. thick around other Southerners.....and she starts "Cutting the lights and mashing the buttons"

5.) Mama J is numero uno because she lets me sign her up for random things like facebook even though she has absolutely no idea what it is and how to get back on it. 

6.) Mama J is gnarly because she makes a mean pizza pan cookie which is famous around this joint (and also makes a mean can of soup....sometimes leaving out the water and making it extra salty....oh man.... delicious or something like unto it)

7.) Mama J is fun because her text messages areallconnectedtogether because she doesn't know how to separate the words.

8.) Mama J is awesome because she is a grandma and her grand kiddos LOVE her and always want to sit by HER at the dinner table. 

9.) Mama J is superb because she is a smart thinker....for example...when I learned how to drive she took me to a cemetery to practice cuz the people are already dead. Now that's some thinking.

10.) Mama J is adorable because she will sing songs like "baby cuz I'm a thug" just to show how cool and with it she is. :) ha ha. 

11.) Mama J is the best because she is a good mom and wife and friend and neighbor and church member and physical torturer....uh...I mean therapist....etc etc etc.

Happy bday mama J. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Round 2 of usage...

I did this on a facebook thingy....made for an easy blog but it is way more than ten things....

25-er about T.

My 25 random factoids…

1.) I once worked for wal-mart as a cashier…I thought it’d be funny and make for some good stories… turns out it wasn’t that funny after all.

2.) I sometimes still wear a sweatshirt that I got in the 9th grade….talk about old school.

3.) I didn’t like math class until the day I figured out my name (Theresa Starr…why would you read this if you didn’t know my name?) Anyway…. Figured out it spells…There’s a Starr….thank you math class for enlightening my mind.

4.) I believe in giving anyone and everyone a nickname.

5.) I am not a big fan of basically 2 things…liars and people with Utah Hair and by “not a big fan” I mean…”hate it with a passion.”

6.) I am big into texting people but surprisingly didn’t miss it on my mission at all.

7.) People often tell me I am a “gangsta” and I do not understand why…seriously.

8.) I would rather go on a vacation and visit my friends around the United States then leave the country on some random trip.

9.) I am not into fashion….but I do love to buy random shoes and watches.

10.) A man spit on me and yelled at me about “What has Jesus ever done for him” when I was on the mission….

11.) My favorite holiday is Easter. I think it is amazing. AND I am excited for it already. Sign me up.

12.) I dislike driving. I refused to get my drivers license until I was a senior in high school. And to make matters worse I have absolutely no sense of direction.

13.) If I could live in the State Capitol building, I’d do it.

14.) In high school my mom would tell me to go do my homework and instead I would sit in my sisters room and practice making balloon animals.

15.) As a child I thought I would be on Oprah or American Gladiators…I practiced for both.

16.) My mission changed me in so many ways….but most people can’t tell. All I know is that I will forever be a different person and that I think the Gospel is the coolest thing in my life….even cooler than the wii.

17.) I was named after my Grandma…Gretchen Theresa Daub Starr. I was almost named Gretchen and then I’d have to be G-Unit instead of T-Diddy.

18.) I had a lazy eye as a child and then I had surgery and it went away…well then when I was like 18 it started coming back…I was embarrassed at first and my mom made fun of it one time and it hurt my feelings so I made her give me 20 bucks for my forgiveness. I was/am a punk to the max.

19.) I think Busch Gardens in Virginia is one of the most amazing places in the world.

20.) My favorite number is negative zero.

21.) I clipped coupons out of the paper last night mostly for my co-worker that asked for some…turns out I love it and made piles of coupons for family members…they didn’t care.

22.) I am pretty good at match making and fashion consulting even though I am not married and am not fashionable. I can work wonders on other people.

23.) I wanted to be a cowboy when I was a small child.

24.) I had some pretty intense hair going on as a child…at one point I had a “rat’s tail” that would often be braided. I also had super duper short hair and people mistook me for a boy. I only trust 2 people with my hair now…Kevin and Terri.

25.) I love playing ski-ball….I would go to chuck-e-cheese by myself and risk looking like a pedophile just to play that game.

Congrats…you made it.

The end,

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blast from the freaking past...

I still have not put the pics from my recent trip on the computer yet. Slacker face...I know! But I was looking through some of the old pics I have on here...mostly from a couple years ago and I am going to pick ten random ones for my blog tonight.

That is an outfit I randomly wore to family home evening once...in college. I looked real good. It's no wonder they called me "T-Diddy." (Thanks to Lexy for helping me out with this outfit).

That's my pops...looking mighty fine. I got that beanie as a gift for Christmas and he went ahead (no pun intended) and put it on. Dang it I love it.

Just my gals and I laughing real hard because Tina refused to be the short one in the pictures so she stood on that chair and was a giant. Oh man. Good times.

I put a four square court in our living room in our apartment...thank you duck tape. It took some bribing (of otter pops) to get people to come and play but once they realized how awesome it was...we played all the time. This is just one night of doubles four square. Who needed a wii when you had this kind of homemade fun?

This is a random pic of the familia minus me. My niece is pounding it back with that bottle. Catherine and Nate are doing...well...you see and Melissa is trying to get away from it. My parents just sit with such proud faces of their posterity....yah...right.

This picture freaks me out. It's my friend Scott. He's hilarious but this pic is just freaky. This is what we do to pass the time at weddings sometimes.

This looks like a really happy group of friends (which it totally was) but all I remember about this day is that I had the flu and was mad that I didn't get to enjoy all the food Tina made and that I had to go to my institute graduation sick. But the next day at my college graduation I was feeling better and I broke the flu fast with See's Candies...now that makes it all better. Bless Mrs. See's Candies.

My roomie, Lexy, and I had a daily adventure together...well, I asked her to climb on top of Tracy's car for one adventure...she did it willingly and then proceeded to dance around. It's a wonder we didn't have more friends. I could write a book about our daily adventures though.

This was Halloween back in the day. All my roomies were a different kind of cereal...and I was a "cereal" killer. Ha-freaking-larious. Or so we thought. We did not win the best group costume. Shocker.

It was the winter olympics....and I wanted to take part in the opening ceremonies so I rode my scooter around the parking lot and held this flame up! Tender.

Well, that was entertaining for me. Oh the memories.

Until the next time....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roll out.

Some things I need to blog about would include my trip, my wii, my fish, etc etc etc but it's late and I don't have the pictures uploaded yet. so.... i will blog about randomness...oh like usual...

1.) Seeing my dad sing "You make me feel like a natural woman" pretty much up-ranks anything else I have ever seen in my life.

2.) Right below seeing that is seeing my mom dance around the basement because her "wii fitness age" is lower than her real age. On a side note...she may or may not have a pulled a muscle from playing the wii....what does that say about her wii fit age?

3.) I have decided that I know the scriptures enough to get me into trouble and well...that's about it.

4.) I have also decided looking white trash worked for me at the airport the other day....i had a Nebraska hoodie on that has a hole in the sleeve and I was spitting sunflower seeds into a used milk bottle while I was listening to my IPOD with headphones that only actually have one side of the head phone working. I have welcomed the transition to white trashness with open arms because well...it works.

5.) Ok on a serious note...I used to love Cinnabon....talk about delicious and yummy and I'd-fly- somewhere-just-to-have-them-at-the-airport type of love. Well, bad news bears, I had me some cinnabon at the Vegas airport and I felt like I was eating a load of cement. Talk about Cementabon. Good grief. I had to say no more....and that's why I had to break out sunflower seeds.

6.) How do you properly respond when someone says and I quote..."Oh fiddles. You are a stink." That leaves me speechless.

7.) The other day I was at work and the phone rang. Well we have caller ID....so the name of the people calling or the number shows up (in case you haven't been around the last 25.6868 years and don't know how caller ID works)...well the caller ID pops up and it says...."Jesus Christ." I look at the phone and think..."How am I going to answer this phone call? What do I say....." etc. I was kinda stressing out about how to answer that call...well I get my nerves up and answer it...(Sheena....after poofing my hair a bit...lol)....Anyway, needless to say...it was just somebody from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I mean get me all worked up for that...I said to the lady..."Listen, I'm Mormon...do you know what your caller ID says when you call?" it was awesome and quite the interesting day.

8.) That same day at the office we had popcorn that apparently tasted like "merlot." I am not a big wine drinker...or an alcohol drinker at all actually...but since it was just flavoring and not real...I tried it after peer pressure wore me down...well it was disgusting. Just saying is all...I guess it was quite the day at work....

9.) Did I mention that my niece was talking about McDonalds the other day and called it "Old MacDonalds" Now that is cute stuff. And she was talking on her play phone the other day and we asked her who was on it and she looked at us dead straight on and calmly said..."Big Bird." like Duh...everyone knows that...I'm still waiting for that to pop up on the caller id at work. bring it on.

10.) Dreams come true...and I dream of becoming a wii dart player....professionally. High hopes people...high hopes.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold hands....yours too?

hello blogging world (or ENP since you are the only person to really ever comment).

Dang it life has been so stellar. I have been doing a lot of just plain who knows what lately and it feels real good.

Here is a few top ten things real quick like...

1.) they now have 100 calorie nutty bars. I figure if I eat the whole box it will be about the same amount of calories in one package of normal nutty bars. Thank you math skills for helping me eat a whole box of 100 calorie snacks and not feeling guilty.

2.) I literally got my niece to believe I didn't have a belly button. This might be a little more information than one wants...but all I am saying is....thank goodness for a few fat rolls that hide the belly button nicely because....joy comes from getting a small child to be that utterly confused.

3.) When I have a serious relationship one day with a guy I am going to refuse to go into Target. I am not kidding when I say that as I was walking around that store the other day there was a couple in every aisle discussing their relationship...having a little "DTR" time. Unreal. Do these people not have houses to break these sorts of things down in?

4.) I want to be a wii whore. I just want to play a lot of wii...that's all.

5.) When I was at job training for my job they were talking about health insurance and about lasik eye surgery and no joke....I thought they were talking about "lazy eye surgery." I am like...dang these people did their homework on me. I was slightly mistaken.

6.) My friend, Weed, had her baby...Mason. Props on a 5 week early baby weighing 8 lbs. Can I just get your autograph when they put that in the world records book?

7.) My pops said this to me the other day..."different strokes for different folks." My dad does not usually come up with these key phrases so darn quickly....it truly left me speechless. Need I say more?

8.) Why do I find people singing....."How do you solve a problem like Theresa" a lot?

9.) So my co-worker, Amber, and I made a "wall of achievement" on one of the walls (funny how that works)...anyway, so when the public are pleased with our work on getting things done for them quickly sometimes they fax us nice notes saying thanks or whatever...so we put all the praise we can get on this wall. I think I am winning...um...and I think I am getting really good at using white out over Amber's name and writing my own on the faxes without her even noticing me. Go me...I mean...go team.

10.) Finally...I would just like to thank my family for busting a move with me the other night after dinner when I turned up the music real loud and we all danced. My foster-nephew is dang good for a 1.5 year old. He has a future in scoring touch downs on the field and doing some awesome dancing right after. Love that kiddo. And I think the dancing helped us get energized for ice cream. ba ha ha.

11.) I am going to cedar city this weekend. I am excited. VERY VERY VERY excited. I cannot wait. I will not wait. bring it the freak on.

12.) It worried my friends tonight when I said "Buck the freak up" I think they thought I was going to mess up somewhere during that and curse up a storm.

Ok peace out girl scout...


Sunday, January 4, 2009

A job...a job....

Well...I figured I better blog seeing how I was playing with my niece's strawberry shortcake laptop she got for Christmas...that's when you know you have to find something more productive to do...

So I have had this temporary job since June of 2008....but now I am a PERMANENT freaking employee for the same place so basically I am stoked. It's a good time. So I am going to make a quick top ten list of my favorite things from work.... (don't expect a funny post...just an honest one).

1.) the fact that my co-worker, Amber, (who by the way was a temp as well but also is permanent now) is one of my favorite people. She is hilarious. And doesn't get to upset when I stamp her forehead, staple her hair, dump mail on her, etc. etc. etc. My favorite is that once a month this call comes in from Hawaii saying we have won tickets for a cruise and I always transfer it to Amber and then I laugh like it's the funniest thing ever and well...it's not that funny. That's all.
2.) My supervisor is by far one the coolest ladies around. She just keeps it real and always says really funny things.
3.) I get crazy calls all day about people needing to know about their "baby's mama."
4.) I get to listen to things on the headphones all day so it keeps me darn well entertained, in the world loop, and on top of my lessons at church. Best of everything....right in the ear.
5.) I have two computer screens...one for each eye...the good eye and the lazy eye are not competing to see...they each have their own screen.
6.) This lady gave me the nickname of "TT" and it makes us all laugh.
7.) I look at a lot of NAMES on the computer every day and dang...people have some weird names. I LOVE IT! If you need baby names...just come to me...I have seen them all.
8.) I am earning the big bucks so I can support my fish. Talk about real incentive.
9.) My other co workers are awesome. One is about to have a baby which keeps me dang well entertained. One is given an hour everyday when she HAS to be nice to people (she keeps silent the whole time). One tells us stories about her "drinkin' days." Most of them give me crud for being Mormon...love it. Basically they all just keep me on my toes.
10.) People always bring food in....my blood pressure is on the rise...the higher the better, right? (Kinda like test scores).

I just am stoked about my working environment....may it continue to rock on.