Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roll out.

Some things I need to blog about would include my trip, my wii, my fish, etc etc etc but it's late and I don't have the pictures uploaded yet. so.... i will blog about randomness...oh like usual...

1.) Seeing my dad sing "You make me feel like a natural woman" pretty much up-ranks anything else I have ever seen in my life.

2.) Right below seeing that is seeing my mom dance around the basement because her "wii fitness age" is lower than her real age. On a side note...she may or may not have a pulled a muscle from playing the wii....what does that say about her wii fit age?

3.) I have decided that I know the scriptures enough to get me into trouble and well...that's about it.

4.) I have also decided looking white trash worked for me at the airport the other day....i had a Nebraska hoodie on that has a hole in the sleeve and I was spitting sunflower seeds into a used milk bottle while I was listening to my IPOD with headphones that only actually have one side of the head phone working. I have welcomed the transition to white trashness with open arms because works.

5.) Ok on a serious note...I used to love about delicious and yummy and I'd-fly- somewhere-just-to-have-them-at-the-airport type of love. Well, bad news bears, I had me some cinnabon at the Vegas airport and I felt like I was eating a load of cement. Talk about Cementabon. Good grief. I had to say no more....and that's why I had to break out sunflower seeds.

6.) How do you properly respond when someone says and I quote..."Oh fiddles. You are a stink." That leaves me speechless.

7.) The other day I was at work and the phone rang. Well we have caller the name of the people calling or the number shows up (in case you haven't been around the last 25.6868 years and don't know how caller ID works)...well the caller ID pops up and it says...."Jesus Christ." I look at the phone and think..."How am I going to answer this phone call? What do I say....." etc. I was kinda stressing out about how to answer that call...well I get my nerves up and answer it...(Sheena....after poofing my hair a, needless to was just somebody from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I mean get me all worked up for that...I said to the lady..."Listen, I'm you know what your caller ID says when you call?" it was awesome and quite the interesting day.

8.) That same day at the office we had popcorn that apparently tasted like "merlot." I am not a big wine drinker...or an alcohol drinker at all actually...but since it was just flavoring and not real...I tried it after peer pressure wore me down...well it was disgusting. Just saying is all...I guess it was quite the day at work....

9.) Did I mention that my niece was talking about McDonalds the other day and called it "Old MacDonalds" Now that is cute stuff. And she was talking on her play phone the other day and we asked her who was on it and she looked at us dead straight on and calmly said..."Big Bird." like Duh...everyone knows that...I'm still waiting for that to pop up on the caller id at work. bring it on.

10.) Dreams come true...and I dream of becoming a wii dart player....professionally. High hopes people...high hopes.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold hands....yours too?

hello blogging world (or ENP since you are the only person to really ever comment).

Dang it life has been so stellar. I have been doing a lot of just plain who knows what lately and it feels real good.

Here is a few top ten things real quick like...

1.) they now have 100 calorie nutty bars. I figure if I eat the whole box it will be about the same amount of calories in one package of normal nutty bars. Thank you math skills for helping me eat a whole box of 100 calorie snacks and not feeling guilty.

2.) I literally got my niece to believe I didn't have a belly button. This might be a little more information than one wants...but all I am saying is....thank goodness for a few fat rolls that hide the belly button nicely comes from getting a small child to be that utterly confused.

3.) When I have a serious relationship one day with a guy I am going to refuse to go into Target. I am not kidding when I say that as I was walking around that store the other day there was a couple in every aisle discussing their relationship...having a little "DTR" time. Unreal. Do these people not have houses to break these sorts of things down in?

4.) I want to be a wii whore. I just want to play a lot of wii...that's all.

5.) When I was at job training for my job they were talking about health insurance and about lasik eye surgery and no joke....I thought they were talking about "lazy eye surgery." I am like...dang these people did their homework on me. I was slightly mistaken.

6.) My friend, Weed, had her baby...Mason. Props on a 5 week early baby weighing 8 lbs. Can I just get your autograph when they put that in the world records book?

7.) My pops said this to me the other day..."different strokes for different folks." My dad does not usually come up with these key phrases so darn truly left me speechless. Need I say more?

8.) Why do I find people singing....."How do you solve a problem like Theresa" a lot?

9.) So my co-worker, Amber, and I made a "wall of achievement" on one of the walls (funny how that works)...anyway, so when the public are pleased with our work on getting things done for them quickly sometimes they fax us nice notes saying thanks or we put all the praise we can get on this wall. I think I am I think I am getting really good at using white out over Amber's name and writing my own on the faxes without her even noticing me. Go me...I mean...go team.

10.) Finally...I would just like to thank my family for busting a move with me the other night after dinner when I turned up the music real loud and we all danced. My foster-nephew is dang good for a 1.5 year old. He has a future in scoring touch downs on the field and doing some awesome dancing right after. Love that kiddo. And I think the dancing helped us get energized for ice cream. ba ha ha.

11.) I am going to cedar city this weekend. I am excited. VERY VERY VERY excited. I cannot wait. I will not wait. bring it the freak on.

12.) It worried my friends tonight when I said "Buck the freak up" I think they thought I was going to mess up somewhere during that and curse up a storm.

Ok peace out girl scout...


Sunday, January 4, 2009

A job...a job....

Well...I figured I better blog seeing how I was playing with my niece's strawberry shortcake laptop she got for Christmas...that's when you know you have to find something more productive to do...

So I have had this temporary job since June of 2008....but now I am a PERMANENT freaking employee for the same place so basically I am stoked. It's a good time. So I am going to make a quick top ten list of my favorite things from work.... (don't expect a funny post...just an honest one).

1.) the fact that my co-worker, Amber, (who by the way was a temp as well but also is permanent now) is one of my favorite people. She is hilarious. And doesn't get to upset when I stamp her forehead, staple her hair, dump mail on her, etc. etc. etc. My favorite is that once a month this call comes in from Hawaii saying we have won tickets for a cruise and I always transfer it to Amber and then I laugh like it's the funniest thing ever and's not that funny. That's all.
2.) My supervisor is by far one the coolest ladies around. She just keeps it real and always says really funny things.
3.) I get crazy calls all day about people needing to know about their "baby's mama."
4.) I get to listen to things on the headphones all day so it keeps me darn well entertained, in the world loop, and on top of my lessons at church. Best of everything....right in the ear.
5.) I have two computer for each eye...the good eye and the lazy eye are not competing to see...they each have their own screen.
6.) This lady gave me the nickname of "TT" and it makes us all laugh.
7.) I look at a lot of NAMES on the computer every day and dang...people have some weird names. I LOVE IT! If you need baby names...just come to me...I have seen them all.
8.) I am earning the big bucks so I can support my fish. Talk about real incentive.
9.) My other co workers are awesome. One is about to have a baby which keeps me dang well entertained. One is given an hour everyday when she HAS to be nice to people (she keeps silent the whole time). One tells us stories about her "drinkin' days." Most of them give me crud for being it. Basically they all just keep me on my toes.
10.) People always bring food blood pressure is on the rise...the higher the better, right? (Kinda like test scores).

I just am stoked about my working environment....may it continue to rock on.