Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It is what it is.

Well. It's the end of the month again...already. Dang time flies regardless of the fun factor...jokes. There is not much going down in my world. So. I'll keep it easy and share ten random things...per usual.

1.) Yesterday my coworker wanted me to go take a tour of the new and improved mothers room at work...let's be honest...she wanted the free treats they were handing out...so anyway, I wasn't so thrilled about going and she looks at me and says in all seriousness..."Theresa, You could have a baby in 6 months. You could have a baby in 3 months." At that point I was pretty confused. I feel like I would probably know if I was going to be popping out a small child in 3 months...I mean, I am definitely not trying to be on that show "I didn't know I was pregnant." Needless to say, she was confused....she got her free treat though.

2.) Remember the website hotornot.com?! Random memory from my teenage years.

3.) My roommate, Shannon, was watching Full House on tv the other day. I couldn't figure out why...I said, "Shannon. I don't need to watch Full House....that is my life...3 adults living with some kids in a house." Just saying.

4.) I was not a believer in the whole idea of "Friday the 13th" until this last Friday the 13th. Crazy day. Let's look at the evidence...I went to lunch with my co workers and straight up fell down in the grass, it was painful and stained my jeans. Lame. Then I got into a misunderstanding with someone at work...feelings hurt, tears shed, mostly just awkwardness to the max. Lame times two. Then I walked to my car after work and some guy yelled out his window at me "You're FAT!!" As if I don't have a mirror. Lamesauce again. Ah well, I still live the dream. :)

5.) Also, I never thought I was an emotional eater...but after that crazy day on Friday the 13th I went to a camp out and let me tell you one thing...S'mores can definitely heal the wounded soul.

6.) Speaking of the word FAT...Sadie, the 3 year old, has learned the word fat and so it is outlawed at our house. The other day I was talking to a houseguest about "Saturated Fats" and Sadie looked over at me and said..."We don't say fat." Touche Sadie, touche.

7.) My coworker Amber is the best. She tells me funny stories and crazy stories and all the kind of stories in between. The other day she was telling a story about her madre and the internet and suddenly Amber is all upset about it and says, "Heaven forbid someone wacks into her computer stuff." My response..."Uh, Amber....you mean hacks?"

8.) I got an iPhone. It'd be pretty rad if I knew how to run it.

9.) I had a dream that I had a kid and named it after my mom. I thought I'd tell my mom and win some total brownie points with her. Her response..."Don't name your kid after me!" Dang it. Fail.

10.) My new favorite joke...."What are the 3 rings of marriage?" Answer..."Engagement ring, Wedding Ring, SuffeRING" Makes me laugh every time!!

11.) I am stoked out of my mind for fall.

12.) I am going to Virginia next week. I am excited to see la familia and to get out of Nebraska for a bit. Trips are exciting. Work to play...

13.) A quote I love by one, Alexander Pope, "Do good by stealth and blush to find it fame." Do good people. Do good.

Random as ever,
T to the Starr