Monday, April 20, 2009

Random as they come.

Ten things from my life as of late....

1.) I went bowling on Saturday night. I did horrible but I borrowed a small child from someone and I actually bowl better with a baby on the hip. I can't tell you how long I wish I woulda known that...I coulda been a bowling sensation.

2.) I heard someone say this the other day..."He's indian...the dot kind not the feather kind." Can you even say that? Is that even legal?

3.) I have a new appreciation for my friend Meggie. She is deaf in one ear and I have come to find that I like sitting on that side during church because I feel like I can sing the hymns as loud and as proud as I want because she can't hear me. It's kinda faulty reasoning but I'm gonna go with it for now.

4.) The other day my co worker told me she "types as fast as a dead turtle." No other comment needed.

5.) I would like to thank my sister, Melissa, for the wonderful Easter Egg hunt she put on for the small children in the family and by small children I totally mean that I participated in that beast of an activity. It rocked and I won't lie...the lazy eye definitely helps find the most easter eggs.

6.) I have been thinking a lot about this question and have yet to come up with a sufficient answer....insight is welcome. Which is more awkward?....not being able to tell if a child is a boy or a girl OR not being able to tell if a lady is pregnant or not? I have a pro/con list and haven't been able to decide.

7.) Well my niece informed me that I am not an Aunt....apparently I am not a bug. Ant/Aunt. So confusing for a 3 year old.

8.) There is nothing that humbles you like walking down the stairs at an apartment complex singing and dancing to "Sexy Can I" and then missing a step and falling straight down the stairs. I'm not saying it happened to me...I just feel like that would be a humbling experience.

9.) I've never taken super long showers but times a change when you visit my friend Natalie. Their shower curtain is a map of the world. Let me tell you....showering has never been so dang entertaining. I just wanna put that out there in case you need something to spice up showering time. I loved it strong.

10.) This is legit. I support this for reals...
Go team!

good day.