Monday, January 31, 2011

Quotes I wanna recall...

Quotes from hilarious people in my life...

1. "I don't even know how to play rock, paper, stone."

2. "Coupon keepin on"

3. "Honey, something's wrong with your pop. It tastes like dirt with NO carbonation."

4. "I could hear the hair on his chest."

5. "She is taller like my mom and...uh....thicker"

6. "There's only two things money can't buy...Homegrown tomatoes and true love."

7. Question: "Who is the prettiest? Mom or Dad?" Response: "TSTARR"

8. "Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth?" "Nope"

9. "She said she was at a bach party....I dunno why...oh a BACEHERLOTTE party."

10. "It's the kinda canasta you wanna take to the temple"

11. "I already paid you 300 in pixy dust!"