Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ms. Matson and I

Well I told Brittani I would blog about the good times we had while she was home. It was an adventure as always. She was only home like 5 days but I am pretty sure we saw each other each day and laughed until we were crying every freaking day.

Here are the top ten that made the list of amazingness....

1.) Well, she did something that no one has been able to get me to do yet....get a pedicure. Yes, I got a pedicure. I had Friday off from work for Arbor Day (gotta love working in Nebraska) we decided to hit up that madness. Well, she did not inform me of the rules of pedicure-ness. She did not explain that I shouldn't say "yes" to everything because you end up spending more and more money.... "You want a massage for your legs" "Uh...sure" "You want a design on your toes?" "Um...yah, sounds great." "You want me to...." "Yes. YES! YES!" Good times. I got a pretty stellar design on my toes....Brittani got a tree. I told her she went all out to celebrate Arbor Day.

2.) Brittani introduced me to something called "Car Treats." The idea is to have a treat in the car for when you drive around...hence the name. Brilliant, I know! Well, we put a lot of effort into our car treats...something that wouldn't melt. something we both that was about all the effort needed. By the time Brittani went back to Utah I had bags and bags of jelly beans and sour candy caterpillars. Unreal. Talk about food storage. I could last for months on that stuff.

3.) Churros anyone? We ate our weight in churros. Our weight and 3.5 sumo wrestlers weight.

4.) While we were out on Arbor Day we went to this clothing store where Brittani proceeded to spray perfume on herself. Little did she know it was "old lady" smelling perfume. Needless to say, for the next 2 days I was pretty sure my car was either a nursing home or the Relief Society room in a family ward.

5.) Brittani was picking me up from this apartment complex and she couldn't remember where exactly to go and so we were texting about it and I told her to start just honking and i'd tell text her when she was getting closer. Well off in the distance I just hear a mad amount of random honking and it kept getting closer and closer until sure enough Brittani pulls up and I jump in the middle of the street. Thank goodness for a car horn. They are life savers.

6.) We saw the movie "State of Play" Russell Crowe is in it. The entire time Brittani kept leaning over to me to tell me about Russell Crowe except she called him, "Sheryl Crow" Close enough, eh? Only difference being one spells crow with an E and the other one doesn't.

7.) I almost had to bail Brittani out of jail...ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration. We were at the movie theatre. She decided to try and get in one of the giant movie displays....lucky her...a cop was standing right behind her. He did not approve. We walked out of the theatre....not in handcuffs. Thank goodness. I was just an innocent bystander, of course.

8.) One of my favorite quotes that came out of Brittani while she was home was, "I think I made a bird fall in love with me." We were in the middle of playing a game and she just says it big deal. I look at her in disbelief and she proceeds to impersonate the birds call and sure enough...she sounded like a bird. I guess it was the bird's mating call cuz now the bird sits outside her window and chirps, chirps, chirps at her. Hilarious.

9.) Well Brittani and I are rappers. It's true. The radio kept saying that we should call underaged drinking in to "crimestoppers." Brittani said "Do they pay you?" So we figured if they paid us...we could do it for a full time job. We even came up with a rap for it... "That Crime you best stop or i'm gonna call the cop. I'm gonna shut down your crime even if it for a dime. You best not be drinkin or i'm gonna call crime stoppers in lincoln. Don't think you'll get far cuz we following ya in our car." We thought it was hilarious...but it was 1 in the AM!
10.) I would like to take this time to thank Brittani Danger Matson for helping me learn an important lesson about untying things verse unclipping things. Oh dang...we were a hot mess.
11.) We played with a cute puppy. It was a dot lazy eye couldn't even find it it was so small. We almost stole it but no one was there to bail us outta jail.
That is all. the goodness just kept going and going. I hate when she is away. but dang we had fun.
good day.