Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanksgiving is here. I am a fan.

A few RANDOM things I am grateful for:

1.) The gap between my two front teeth....one less place for food to get caught in.

2.) Google. That website saves my life at least 4.3984 times a day. And by save my life, I mean it answers a lot of questions I have.

3.)Bobby pin Jenga. It is a game I invented. Sometimes my friends wear a lot A.LOT. of bobby pins in their hair, so I try to take as many out as I can before their hair all falls out. It is a really great game....I feel.

4.) Being able to write on my hand. I know a lot of people think that writing on your hand is tacky...probably because it is tacky. BUT. I remember all sorts of little things by the letters I write on my hand. So it works for me. Although, my niece ALWAYS tells on me when I write on my hand. Dang, I've spent more time in time out for that than anything.

5.) My Fish, Ludacris. He is ONE now. Happy birthday to him.

6.) Deviled eggs. They are delicious. Easy to make. and well...they are stinky...not a positive, but did I mention that they taste good.

7.) Portable DVD players. Tonite my friend, Monkey, came over and I was sitting in my living room with a nice big TV and I was instead watching a DVD on a tiny portable DVD player. She thought that it was odd....it was odd, but it was just as entertaining. So there you go.

8.) People who shop on Black Friday. They are an unique breed. And watching "them" talk today at work about their shopping strategies was pretty dang entertaining. I was in complete awe. More power to them.

9.) Great combos....like Salt & Pepper. Ernie & Bert. Ketchup & Mustard. Frostys & French Fries. Bumpits & Big Hair. Texting & Driving...but hold the texting.

10.) The phrase "I'll tell you when you're older." It gets me out of answering so many questions. Love it.

11.) Going to Cedar City to see friends....doing that tomorrow. Stoked.

Good day. Happy Turkey Day to you!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The eye...the LAZY eye

First and foremost. I missed my post in October. Be mad. Get over it. Be Glad. I am not a fan of the color purple, but the background Sheen put up for October/Halloween was purple and AMAZING. It made me re-think my distrust of purple. It is moving up in the world of colors.

So, last week I had surgery on the lazy eye. Do not stress out. It is still lazy, just not as lazy. It got a work improvement plan, I suppose. Anyway, so a post to the lazy eye.

The benefits of having a lazy eye...

1.) Well, you can look at people (especially good looking men) without them noticing. Basically spying is a breeze.

2.) You can pretend you don't see people (and thus, hear) people talk to/at you. Therefore when the boss has a project to assign, you don't have to do it because um...."Boss, I wasn't even looking at you...were you talking to me?"

3.) You can blog about it when nothing else is exciting enough to blog about.

4.) You can have 2 computer screens at work and feel completely justified....one for each eye.

5.) The peripheral vision creates a whole new world. One time my friend tried to kick me on the bum from the side as we walked...I caught her leg before it hit me and just had to say "Lazy Eye." Did she ever try that again? I think not! The lazy eye is full of protection.

6.) It makes me a statistic. In fact, the kind of thing that happened to my lazy eye happens to only 5% of people with lazy eyes.... The real question is...is that the top 5% or the bottom 5%? Am I an over achiever or under achiever?

7.) Sometimes people can't tell if I am looking at them or not and I say, "I am looking at you...I have a lazy eye." Then, the other person feels embarrassed and for at least 2 minutes, I have their sympathy and can get them to do anything I desire. Dang it...I am not manipulating people. :)

8.) The lazy eye produces random surgeries and therefore I get to sleep for like 4 days straight on crazy drugs without anyone being concerned. (Not the best reason though, let's be honest.)

9.) It gives my Pops and I a special bond....for he has a lazy eye too.

10.) It gives me "character." As if I needed anymore. At first, when the lazy eye came back when I started college, it was embarrassing, but then it became awesomely cool. I will take what I get. Weaknesses become strengths. Just saying.

11.) The following picture is a blackmail picture for sure, but just whatever. It was taken the day after surgery. I was on painkiller drugs, I was looking sick nasty. But that there is the eyes. Beautiful. Holla! *On a side note, I sent this pic to my co-worker to show her the eye and when I went back to work today, a co worker had this picture up as her screen saver. Now, that's love....yah, right. Ha ha.
-T and her Fantastic Eyes.