Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ten Places I love....

1.) Knotts berry farm. Legit times a million.

2.) Chuck-e-cheeses. Ski ball...yes.

3.) Virginia. The ocean, the mountains, busch gardens, my extended family. Beat that you little troutsniffer.

4.) Facebook....facebookstalking. What... did I even say that.

5.) Caneel Bay, Virgin Islands. Snorkeling the mess outta life rocks.

6.) With a friend....any of them. I love me a good laugh and that happens with my buddies.

7.) The Temple. A little peace for the Soul.

8.) Northern California. Does it make my life complete? Quite a bit, thank you.

9.) A Mexican Food Place. Que Bueno.

10.) With mi familia. STARRS!

11.) Playing a little I 80 years old? perhaps.

(12.) BED! Night-TStarr.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The airport

Ten random things you see/hear at the airport....

1.) People paying 10 bucks for a sandwich that doesn't even look appetizing.

2.) People wearing sunglasses while walking around the terminals....I didn't realize it was SO bright in here.

3.) People lining up like herds of cows just to avoid the M.S.S. (Middle seat syndrome)

4.) People yawning repeatedly to pop their ears....I am down with that though... pressured ears is a no bueno.

5.) People talking so dang loudly on their teles that you know all of their business and let me tell you, I do not care to be all up in their "bidness." (but thanks for sharing.)

6.) Parents chasing their children around like mad....I mean honestly, where are they going to escape to?

7.) People freaking about security so much so that they pull everything out of their pockets and put it in individual tubs....including their pocket lint.

8.) Ok ok....People tripping on that automatic walkway thingy.... I deleted this one at first and Melissa asked why and I said...because I do that. We all trip, but it is pretty funny. Melissa tripped on the carpet 3 times at the Denver airport and I am sure somebody got some amusement from that hot mess.

9.) People filling their carry on bags with everything they have ever owned and then wondering why they can't get it to fit underneath the seat in front of them. Also, I feel bad for the people they accidently hit when they are walking around the airport or walking down the aisle on the plane with their monster bags. Dang bruises.

10.) Imagine this....Super tan sisters. They are skinny. They have blonde hair. They have matching cutesy carry on bags. They are sipping on their Starbucks coffee. They are happy.... sounds like every guys dream right.....well too bad....they are like 70 years old....individually.

11.) Monkey tails.