Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pics yo.

So um...well... I have had a request to blog. It has been a while. My friend asked me once..."What is daily about your blog?" That is a valid question. Nothing is daily about it.

Ten Pictures I heart:

1.) Eating out is a joy:

2.) You know you have good friends when they come to freaking Nebraska to visit you! Thanks Teenah (and Amy) and Tamaroo!

3.) My coworker and I have a whiteboard drawing competition daily. I usually (do not) win!

4.) My arm got sunburnt...with a T in it...random!

5.) Sometimes you gotta copy people...when they be looking real good!

6.) If Mormon missionaries come to your door...just let them in. Look how fun they are!

7.) My favorite person in the world picking my favorite fruit in the world...(Sadie and raspberries!)

8.) My sweet new cell phone. Don't be jealous!

9.) My family + the Virgin Islands= legitness.

10.) Maybe the best thing that ever happened to Lincoln.

11.) no picture. Just trust. Living the dream is treating me well!

Press On!


Natalie said...

Is that seriously your phone??? It can't be, also I am still a little upset I never received an invite to the Virgin Islands. . and the treat from red mango looks delicious!

Megalicious said...

I LOVES you.

I bet you have some typos when you are texting on that phone!

Karina said...

yay for your not daily blog post - good to hear from you!

wendysue said...

I need to have that kind of pizza experience.